Vagobond Issue #8: Call for Submissions

At Vagobond Magazine one of the things we love most is the immersive storytelling capability of NFT collections. In particular we love those that let their owners do what they will with the IP and enable communities to be a part of the story-telling through their NFT profile-pictures.

Tell Your PFPs Story!

In the spirit of collaborative immersive storytelling – we are inviting those who love their PFPs and want to share their unique stories to do so. We don’t care what project you are in – if your PFP has a unique character, backstory, or identity – we want you to share it. We have no idea how many will be submitted – so we can’t say how many will be accepted. However, even if you submit and your character doesn’t make it into Vagobond Magazine #8 – we will commit to sharing every pfp and story submitted on and through our Twitter and possibly other social media channels as well.

If you’ve already shared your story through another platform, that’s fine. We don’t mind if the stories of Metahero’s, On-Chain-Monkeys, Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, Cool Cats, Doodles, Huxley Humans/Robots, Genuine Undead, MoonBirds or any other PFP you want to submit was a story that you’ve already told elsewhere – we just want to share your creativity. Stories (with PFP) must be submitted by 10/20/2022 to be considered for inclusion.

I’ve written identity stories for many of my favorite PFPs – Mybal the Mystic Mutant Ape, Sly Doubt of Uranus, Chains Bond the On-Chain-Monkey, Huxley Humans (Charlie Sus & Ivan Yat) and Robot, Genuine Undead, Izit-a-Bear (Red) and many more.

We are not limiting you to any one collection. However, if you don’t have a PFP to write about or you don’t know what collection to write about or maybe you need a little bit of incentive to write – here that is.

Izit-a-Bear backstory contest.

If you aren’t familiar with the Izit-a-Bears – this was a 10k collection I launched earlier this year. It was free and sold out far too quickly – it got botted – which was a learning lesson for me and a bummer for the plans I had for the community. The upside is that they can be bought pretty cheaply with offers – the downside is the collection never caught fire like I’d hoped it would because so many were scooped up by the bots. Still, I love the Izit-a-bears – so since I still have some that I had set aside for promotion and community giveaways – let’s use these nine for that. I will pick my favorite story written about Izit-a-bears #17-25. The characters are compelling enough to each be worthy of some great stories.

Winners will be published in the next issue of Vagobond Magazine and will win the Izit-a-Bear they have written about. Maximum of one prize per account and must join and submit your story in the Vagobond DiscordStories must be between 750 characters and 1500 characters – which comes out to between 3-6 Tweets. Stories must be submitted by 10/20/2022.

To get you started, I wrote the Origin Story of the Izit-a-Bears.

Izit-a-Bear #25 –

Izit-a-Bear #24

Izit-a-Bear #23

Izit-a-Bear #22

Izit-a-Bear #21

Izit-a-Bear #20

Izit-a-Bear #19

Izit-a-Bear #18

Izit-a-Bear #17


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