NFT Tokens & Staking

Tokens & Staking

These are the tokens and crypto/defi projects that NFTs have led me to. Bizarre when you think about it.

Solon –

I minted this what seems like 500 years ago. Love the art but the token and the vision are what actually made me mint.

$WTF – A good airdrop.

$LOOKS Token – Looks Rare platform is gaining traction. Daily rewards for staking unmatched.

$TKNFY Tokenify –

$POW – Pixel Vault Metahero token – stake metaheroes

$PUNKS – Pixel Vault token – stake punks comic

$HORSE – The Unstable Horse Yard token – Earn with USHY nfts, no staking

$FLYZ – Creature Toadz/ Swamp Dao token

$APED – ApeDAO & ApeDAO Remix token

$APE – forthcoming $BAYC token

$PEACE – Peaceful Groupies token

$RUG – $Rug Radio token – Earn with Rug Radio NFTs, no staking

$MM – Monkey Bets token

$RAINI – Raini Lords of Light token

$STIMMY – Scammy free token claim

$ALGAE – Mighty Manateez token – Earn with MM assets

$NFTL – Nifty Degen League token – no stake, daily earn with Nifty Degens

$XBMF – Lazer Defi token – Earn with Bloot, Bloot MF, Lazer Soda – no stake

$RENT – Land Dao token – Earn with Land Dao NFTs – no stake

$FLUFF – Hammies token (rug)

$SHARK – Shark Dao token –