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It’s Summer. Go listen to some live outdoor music. That’s what we are doing.  See you on the flip side. 

Gm, gm my frens hope we are well this Wednesday. It’s a jammed packed edition today.

This week I got to interview a friend of mine and a fellow #WVRPS holder Weinbagz. He’s an incredible producer and I knew I had to have him as my next main feature.

First a sneak peek at a project he is involved with, alongside the beautiful Terra Naomi and other artists to create a new, first audio/visual generative project. The Homework NFT


I write a music nft beat every week and I choose a main artist to feature. I chose you because I love what you are doing within the space.

So first question: How did you discover Web 3/Music NFTs?

Appreciate you thinking of me!!

So my friend @musebandit was the first person to tell me about NFTs and blockchain. He definitely was really helpful in answering a bunch of my questions and pointing me in different places. Also seeing my other friend, @PopWonderNFT begin to make some sales really solidified my interest in pursuing it.


Ooh that sounds incredible. 

Did you have any concerns or fears due to Web 2 being around and then Web 3 being so different?

No, honestly, I had concerns before NFTs about how I was actually going to get anywhere with the music thing. I didn’t have much of a foot in the door in the traditional music business. I had gigs, but it definitely felt like it wasn’t going where I had hoped. NFTs seemed like a small beacon of hope that I could actually make a sustainable living doing what I loved to do.


But you are incredible. I mean come on look at what you created with your Warps. It’s heartbreaking that musicians felt that they weren’t going to make it because there was nothing to support them.

I appreciate that! I mean, I was also not really pursuing a career as a producer or songwriter until covid hit. I was trying to tour with bands, which was not really working out. I think if I would have been going at it alone and not relying on other people as much, I probably would have been further along than I was.

But either way, when I made the decision to be a producer, I knew there was a good chance there wouldn’t be much money in it.


Yes I understand that. The band situation can be tricky because you are relying on others with decisions. So I do get where you are coming from. You are so incredibly talented as well .

Ah you’re too nice! I appreciate it.

But yeah, I felt like I was constantly relying on other people’s insane schedules to make any moves at all.

And in return I had to stretch myself pretty thin to stay busy.


Yeah and that’s not healthy in the long run to be fair, for you or anyone else.

You know I became a fan when you did your Warps BTS in discord. Speaking of, can you go a little into the process of how you created that track?

Yep, agreed!

Yea, that was loads of fun. The first time I had really written music with an audience.


So I’ve seen your new project, the Homework NFT, something incredible and never done. What made you get involved?

Yeah!! So the story is that Terra(Terra Naomi from the Warpsound team) and I both were having similar ideas around a generative music project, and we realized we were both thinking about the same thing. This was last summer or fall, so we decided to do it together. The other thing besides monetary benefits that really hooked me with NFTs was the chance to make some new stuff. I loved the idea of dynamic music NFTs or generative, and was actually working on something with my old band and @musebandit last march that we were trying to pitch to async about a dynamic audio nft that changed with the price of eth. That never really got off the ground, but I had my eye on async for a long time.


Wow. I loved it when I first heard about it. The fact NFTS gives you as a musician/creative this brand new world to explore. Async Art are doing incredible things as well in the space. We see generative pfp projects but this is a generative audio/visual project am I right ?

Yeah seriously, this is the most fun I’ve ever had creating. And yeah, it is an audio/visual generative project where each visual layer or trait is linked with an audio stem.


It looks so much fun. I’m wondering, now that you have explored this project, what would you like to explore next within the space ?

I want to explore more generative and dynamic art and music. 


So where do you think Web 3 is going?

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t know. If the last 2 years have taught me anything, it’s that I never really know what’s going to happen. If you had told me 3 years ago what 2020-now had been like, I would have said you’re nuts. I do have hopes though, I hope it keeps going in the direction of a path for independent artists to gain a following and make a living. It’s hard to guess though, things change so rapidly. I’m just holding on for dear life lol. I hope to keep seeing innovation and really cool art also new people. 


So any last words on web 3, yourself or projects my fren?

Just that I’m excited to push forward with new tech and amazing people! Can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Thanks for thinking of me for this! I appreciate it and appreciate you!


Thank you so much again Weinbagz it’s been a pleasure.


So this week has been exciting, I have discovered a new project that will change the fan/artist dynamic. I discovered this through Mike Shinoda as he’s working with the project and it goes by the name Medallion FM.

They are repairing the fracture of the Artist x fan connection. Medallion is Web 3 technology that helps artists launch digital worlds to expand fan participation, actionable insights and economical potential.


Amazing Audius spaces on Monday Night with co host Mike, and speakers such as Coopahtrooper, Jeff Nicholas and Verite among others. Very eye opening conversation about what a music collectible is, what we are building for the fans and artists and how Web 3 is paving the way for how musicians can do their art. Check out the recording below 


This week’s Warpsound live tour stop is with Fan Controlled Football. It’s going to be a great one. Every week is surprising. The artists are just mind blowing 


Us holders also got a very cute airdrop this week of voxelized versions of the ai artists we hold with our #WVRPS

As always Warpsound, are under promising and over delivering. Definitely not a project to be slept on. Or maybe I’m just biased. 



Warpsound Live Tour with special guests Fan Controlled Football

 Bitlectro Labs – Topical Tuesdays


Will start doing spaces myself a bit like this, but obviously with guests. Dates and times TBA.


Adding a new section here named Highlighted Artists. People I look up to or know or just have an incredible talent. This week’s highlighted artist is the beautiful Terra Naomi. 

An incredibly inspiring woman who has a striking voice that reminds me of a combination between Katie Melua and Dolly Parton. Her voice is soulful and always moves me. 

Please go check out her work because she’s incredibly talented and hardworking and she’s a great fren of mine.


And that’s all my frens. Until next Wednesday stay safe and keep Vibing