Great NFT Projects I’ve Missed

Misses of the month –

January 2022: Creepz, Asuna, Capsule, omgKirby, uWu

February 2022:

You can find details of all these projects at:

Crypto Punks – missed

BAYC – Our landlord decided to sell our apartment and we had to move so I didn’t want to risk .08 ETH on some silly looking art

VeeFriends – Had the money ready to go but saw problems with the launch and hated the ‘art’

World of Women- sold at 2 ETH

Gutter Cat Gang – sold at 1 ETH

Anonymice – listened to FUD and missed

Galactic Apes – listened to FUD and missed

CyberKongz – missed

Cryptoadz by Gremplin- Thought it looked silly

888 – Seemed like a freak

Wolf Game – Didn’t want to give Beanie my ETH

Doodles – Hated the art

Cool Cats – Thought it looked like 3 year old picture book

Neo Tokyo – Didn’t have 1 ETH when dropped

Ether Orcs – Somehow just missed it