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Moons of Mars

Influence Asteroids

Everything about the game:

  • 1. Exploitation Design Doc The team is all hands on deck putting the final touches on this massive document. We are going to be releasing this by the end of next week. This document will outline top to bottom all aspects of Exploitation. Each topic will be explored and you will be able to garner more information than ever before on each piece. From buildings to production chains. We should not that all elements are overviews, and we will be building out the wiki as time goes on to explore each topic in-depth. This guide will give you enough to sink your teeth into and get fired up for the release!
  • 2. Art, Icons, Items, Ships, Buildings We are making steady progress on the MASSIVE pipeline of all items and elements that are needed to support the game. We are working our way through ships, raw materials, and finished products now.
  • 3. Development Game development is moving swiftly, but it has admittedly had a less visible, highly technical focus lately. Primary activities at the moment are the completion of the new asteroid rendering engine which is needed for viewing the lots up close (especially on larger asteroids), smart contract development for crew and asteroid bridging from L1 and minting on L2, UI development for travel, lot interaction, and inventory management. The next gameplay teasers you can expect to see will focus on the new asteroid rendering engine and the travel / lot interaction UI.
  • 4. Community Building In the last two weeks we have onboarded two new HUGE owners, who will be bringing unique and diverse groups into Influence. We have been working steadily on building our community and continuing to expand our community and create a space that is inviting and fun for all.
  • 5. Grant Winners We have selected 6 potential parties to receive and have a few more meetings with to discuss the terms and the ideas with each of the groups. By end of next week we will be able to announce each party, what they intend to do, and send them fund to be able to add some incredible integrations that will assist players and grow community.

Doctor Who, Worlds Apart P2E Game and NFT Marketplace – Founders Token sale continues (part 3 is well under way), tokens $1000 each.

  • Not much happening here at the moment. The main devs are all Ukraine based.


Non-Fungible Heroes/Boring Banana Co. Land and token coming soon.

  • Beta Game Testing Underway for holders: Official Link to Play:
  • Lore Gallery launched where players can write their characters lore
  • Comic Drop: The free mint for the first NFH Comic Book will open Friday, March 11. You will have until Saturday, March 19 to claim your free mint.
  • Entitlements: 🔷 Hold 1x NFH Hero, Villain or God = You can mint 1 comic 🔷 Hold 2-9x NFH Heroes, Villains or Gods = You can mint 2 comics 🔷 Hold 10x or more NFH Heroes, Villains or Gods = You can mint 3 comics We will be taking a snapshot on Thursday night after the Town Hall to verify what your wallet is eligible to mint, so be sure to complete any transactions/mint any additional Gods you’d like before that snapshot is taken.
  • Accessing the Comic: The book in it’s entirety is absolutely stunning, and we can’t wait for the world to see it. We’ll be publishing it exclusively in the Discord Holders-Only area for one week before we post it to our website.
  • Other Things to Know: When our token launches and our marketplace opens, we will be launching variant covers that will be redeemable for $LORE. is the artist of the primary cover you’ll be receiving this week, but variants will follow! The countdown is on- just 5 days till the debut of Night Ape is yours.

Nifty League Degens p2e games, avatars, comics, $NFTL

Nifty smashers is one of the best and most fun games out there. And it’s profitable.

Avax Wolf Game Great team, easy minting and low gas, and always evolving dynamics. I own five sheep, a wolf, and a couple dozen farmers and a couple dozen cows. Cheese and wheat and land coming.

  • No announcements or developments in nearly a month. Not a good sign.

Danger Islands / Lazer Defi $xBMF token live and can earn by owning Lazer Soda, Bloot, or BlootMF. One of my favorite projects. Lazer Defi has delivered above and beyond everything they’ve said so far.

Danger Islands Piratenomics and gameplay gitbook. Contains new Art reveals, gameplay details and tokenomics
  • The upcoming 🏝️Danger Islands PFP Pirate Collection Mint now has its own page on Lazer LaunchPad 🚀 We reveal some more mint details and art:


2112 –

  • Going to develop two games: first, an on-chain game that will be released in phases, and in the future, a standalone Videogame.
  • On-chain game: an RPG board game-style game that will include token earning, items and land as NFTs. The main activity you will perform in this game is making runs, which represent hack incursions against a server node.
  • Standalone game: a procedurally generated puzzle/hacking game What is the Decentralized Narrative System?
  • Decentralized Narrative System that will let you propose stories to make them canon in the 2112 Universe

Alright, chums… Runners from all 5 factions joined forces and managed to secure a huge node of information. Who’d imagine we could actually pull this one off?! :vibingpepe:
We’re dubbing it The Archives . We weren’t able to decrypt all of it yet but it seems like a repository of sorts. Fitting, huh? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 We actually had to bypass a nasty ICE we’ve never seen before to get this, so you better get some use out of it. Check it out below how this one looked like! :creepy: And don’t forget: We’ll be working on decrypting more and more entries, so make sure to check up on it every now and then to have all the info at your disposal. All of the information we were able to decode is already available, with more coming. With that being said, what the heck is a _CHiv1T0 🥖? :PES_Think:  It seems we have a bit more decrypting to do. Keep it up, chums.


  • The Huxley team apologized and organized some giveaways to recompense the horrible mint of Issue #3.
  • ISSUE 2 Giveaway Announcement Details The HUXLEY Glorious Giveaway begins this Thursday, March 10th 🗓️ We’ll be livestreaming the results with on (Timing TBA on 📆・events) 🎙️ We’ll be using Chainlink VRF – a provably fair and verifiable random number generator ☑️ Snapshot Tuesday, March 8th at 11:59pm PST for all ISSUE 2 giveaways 📸 Four Giveaways in Total :ISSUETWO: :GOLDISSUETWO: :HOLOISSUETWO: :ISSUETHREE: :ISSUETWO: LOW SERIALS – 90 First Editions with serials #11-100 to holders of both ISSUE 1 & ISSUE 2 :GOLDISSUETWO: GOLD – 90 Gold Edition ISSUE 2 NFTs to holders of ISSUE 1 & ISSUE 2 :HOLOISSUETWO: HOLOGRAPHIC – 9 Holographic ISSUE 2 NFTs to all holders of ISSUE 2 :ISSUETHREE: ISSUE 3 – 100 ISSUE 3 NFTs from Commander Ben for holders of ISSUE 1 & 2 that didn’t mint ISSUE 3 (snapshot already taken) ⚠️ For Low Serials and Gold Editions for ISSUE 2, holders will get one entry per every pair of ISSUE 1 & 2 held in the same wallet. Meaning if you have 10 ISSUE 1s and 5 ISSUE 2s, you’ll get 5 entries to the giveaway.


BYO Game – $TRYP will be a ERC-20 utility/governance token for the BYO Universe.

  • BYO Craft Drop on 3/10
  • Possibly the most exciting upcoming game project with the least hype B.S.
  • Total supply of $TRYP will never exceed 270,000,000 and will be unlocked over a predetermined schedule over a period of approximately 72 months from its launch
  • $TRYP will be rewarded to Apostles & BYOLand holders via staking over a period of 6 months after TRYP launch.
  • A BYOPill is required to stake Apostles.
  • You do not need a BYOPill to stake BYOLand.

To check BYOCraft eligibility 👉 How long do I have to claim? • The claim window will remain open for 2 weeks, closing on March 24 (3/24). L1 or L2? • BYOCrafts will be minted on ETH Mainnet (L1). After heavy testing, confirmed that despite the complexities of the contract, gas fees will remain relatively low in line with previous mints. Furthermore, BYOCrafts won’t be involved in future microtransactions that warrant an L2 contract initially. REMINDERS :alert: 1) You can upgrade your BYOPills and/or your Apostles at any time before/during the claim window if you wish to improve your craft tier (apostles) or your probabilities on craft traits (BYOPills) Both Apostles and BYOPills can only be used once, and we will have a link on the claim website that allows you to see which pill/apostle has been used already 2) For more information on BYOCrafts, please read our previous announcement 👇 This is just the start, expect land selection details and dates to be announced once BYOCraft claiming window opens :BorisTheCook:



  • At least these guys post proof they are actually working on the game from time to time

Metahero/Pixel Vault – $POW is the in game currency. Planet DAOs are being formed.

  • The AAA game is years off but it seems likely a smaller ‘smasher’ game will launch sometime around summer.
  • No real notifications of anything new. GFunk supposed to make an announcement soon about something but has been absent from the past couple of town halls. Planet prices down pretty bad.
  • Physical Claim of Comic #1 now ongoing
  • Claim/drop of Mint Pass #2 will be this week
  • Founders DAO snapshot and voting enabled

Looks Lab Launch TBD – presumed heir to Wolf Game tokenomics.

  • Minting for the goats has been confirmed by the team to be available during S1 of the game, no specific dates have been given.
  • During the Bud minting process (starting 03/12) your Green Pass will be transformed into the Look Labs Game Key 🔑 This key will be required to play all current & future Look Labs games.


Mighty Manateez – Fun project with comic, video game, $ALGAE token. Saving IRL manatees.



  • Q2 2022 1st P2E game trailer & demo release. 1st P2E game NFT drop
  • No significant information released in a while


One Day Bae

  • Alpha test for OG members will be in early March
  • Beta version for ticket holders will be in April
  • ODB flat world official public launch will be in April
  • No recent updates – word is some of the devs are Ukrainian


Raini Lords of Light

  • Migrated to Phantom but no word on what exactly this means for ETH card holders or future game play
  • No significant updates – but this in the Discord:

The Devs say that they are doing their best to release it by the end of the month, the game engine works perfectly already, they are working on polishing the visuals. We don’t have any info that it might be delayed.. again. In the next medium, next week, we will get more details, pit was hinted that we will get also a date for the second pack drop.For the first session of packs we got the date of the drop less than two weeks in advance, so there is still time for everything to go smoothly by end of Q1


Lucky Maneki –

  • Maneki Arcade is ready for download in the playstore!! As its open beta we are for now setting it open for EVERYONE! Hopefully people outside the community will have a go at these Maneki themed arcade games. Sadly for now only on android  Have fun, enjoy, share it with family and friends and dont forget we love to hear the feedback!!


Phantom Galaxies

  • Gameplay continues, planet sale forthcoming, multiple tokenomics at play.
  • Episode 2 now available to play
  • I will be stopping coverage of PG until I either spend more time playing or find someone who wants to update on it.


Planet Quest

  • Second Whitepaper Spotlight AMA is coming, this time hosted on our Twitter Space. Here we will be focusing on Game Economy and will unpack the utility of PlanetQuest’s token ($PQX), its supply and distribution. Join the AMA @ March 7th 3PM CET on our Twitter |


Invaders WTF/ Pixelglyphs – P2E game, ships, DAO


Not Watching and Being Salty About Missing : Wolf Game, Axie Infinity, Ether Orcs, Gala Games, Generative Dungeons


Everything Else…