About Vagobond Magazine

Vagobond Magazine is a community for creatives and travelers focused on the development of Web3. Whether they are gathering around art, literature, publishing, travel, NFTs, profile pictures, defi, cryptocurrency, or other things –  our writers, editors, artists, and community members are on the cutting edge of this developing technology. As the space evolves, Vagobond Magazine will evolve with and help shape Web3.

Our Mission Statement

Vagobond Magazine is dedicated to exploring and documenting the intersection of Web3 technology, writing, and travel. Our mission is to inspire and inform our readers about the exciting and transformative potential of Web3, and to showcase the diverse perspectives and experiences of writers and travelers from around the globe. Through in-depth articles, compelling storytelling, and immersive media, we aim to provide a unique and engaging platform for those who seek to expand their horizons and learn about the world around them.


Vagobond Magazine was founded in 2008 by CD Damitio (@vagobond). He is Publisher, EIC, & Creative Director of Vagobond Magazine. He is the author of NFT books on six platforms and counting as well as having published traditionally and through self-publishing platforms.

Rionna Morgan (@RionnaMorgan)  is the Senior Editor at Vagobond Magazine. Rionna is a best-selling, award-winning author who has been published with multiple platforms in the Web3 space and is a romantic suspense novelist with Simon & Schuster. She is also a working attorney and

Cryptoversal (@cryptobersalbks) is the Books Editor at Vagobond Magazine. He a traditional publishing background as a children’s book author and illustrator, and as Assistant Regional Advisor Emeritus and Two-Time Regional Conference Co-Chair for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.


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