DAO NFTs and Governance Briefing

The NFT DAO Beat – Updated Fridays

There are a lot of DAOs – these are only the ones I’m involved in.


Cult Daocult.dao  $CULT token . The purpose of CULT.DAO is to empower and fund those building and contributing towards our decentralized future.

CULT is the tradable and liquid token of CULT DAO, transacting CULT will contribute to the protocol by filling the DAO treasury slowly, to fund investments into decentralised technologies. This is achieved due to a 0.4% collection on all CULT transactions. CULT, once staked into the Cult DAO, becomes dCULT. dCULT is just the “proof of stake token” for CULT. When you stake your CULT into the DAO, you are given dCULT, this can be swapped back at any time into the amount of CULT you staked originally, plus any rewards that were given to the DAO in the time period you owned dCULT. Cult DAO and its funding process is completely decentralized. It cannot be stopped. As long as there are people transacting with CULT, Guardians putting forward proposals, and users voting, Cult DAO will continue to fund revolutionaries, decentralization advocates and those willing to break the chains of society. A proposal can only be put forward by the Guardians. These are the top 50 holders. Guardians cannot vote and so cannot be wholly corrupted in their decisions. These proposals must conform to all or the majority of these three criteria: Fight Against Centralisation,  Further the Cause of Decentralisation , Directly Benefit a Noble Cause. These proposals can be from anywhere, VCs, community members, politicians, anarchists, socialists, the left or right wing, as long as they conform to the guidance above and it is a Guardian who submits it, any proposal can be voted on by the Many. The proposals put forward must contain; 1) The total supply of the investee protocol token 2) the percentage of the total supply being offered in return for 13 ETH investment 3) the tokenomics 4) the audit of the token and any contracts if built 5) the burn and distribution plan. .
The burn and distribution plan is the vesting schedule for the investee protocols token. For this example let us use a fake protocol ABC DAO. The vesting schedule can be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, but cannot be vested over longer than 18 months at the very maximum. Lets say ABC DAO promises 1.2% of it’s $ABC token, vesting once a month for 12 months. On the repayment date, rather than sending the token of the investee protocol, like a normal VC funded protocol would, the investee company instead swaps 0.1% of its supply (1.2% over 12 months) of $ABC for $CULT. ABC DAO then sends half of the cult to a burn wallet, and the other half to the DAO, which is paid out to dCULT holders. CULT serves to fast forward the collapse of the old financial system, to end the tyranny of sovereign nations and central banks. The current financial system serves to keep the people poor, a society built on debt needs inflation to function, and inflation serves to rob the poor and allow them to never catch up with their overlords in the ruling class.


Goldilocks DAO from Two Bit Bearshttps://twobitbears.com/

Medium Article outlining the formation and Details: https://medium.com/@twobitbears/a-community-driven-design-invention-agency-on-the-blockchain-e7193744d9b2


Wizards Treasure Collective –  https://wizardtreasure.com/



Peace Daohttps://peacedao.trydiscourse.com/  $PEACE

Website: https://www.peacevoid.world/

  • Still being formed

LITdao – Still in formation phase from the LIT community. $LIT is the token.  https://getlit.wtf/

  • Still being formed

Solon –  https://www.solon.finance/ I minted this what seems like 500 years ago. Love the art but the token and the vision are what actually made me mint. Layout for the whole Solon ecosystem:https://www.figma.com/file/5PrW8ZQ2nQ15DdiiMHjecv/Solon-UI-C-Copy


The Land Dao – Metaverse land development project. $RENT

Snapshot: https://snapshot.org/#/thelanddaoprop.eth




Buzzed Bear Hideout DAOhttps://buzzedbearhideout.com




Pizza DAOhttps://www.rarepizzas.com https://github.com/pizzaDAO



Page DAOhttps://pagedao.org/

– Weekly Twitter Space and Pass the Pen on Fridays


SwampDaohttps://swampdao.finance/ Creature Toadz. $FLYZ token


Gas DAOhttps://www.gasdao.org/ $GAS token


Open DAOhttps://www.theopendao.com $SOS token