Issue #6 of Vagobond Magazine just hit the stands – Available to Buy for .01 ETH

You can also read it for free right here, on IPFS, or on OpenSea

An all star lineup of writers, publishers, poets, project developers and more as we look at the the state of traditional and Web3 publishing and check out some of the major literary and lore based projects in the Web3 world including Jenkins and Azurbala, LIT, PageDao, Cryptoversal, Dead Hands, Soltype, Impact Theory, and much much more in this historic Web3 Issue published about and with and on Web3 platforms.

View on IPFS:
Free to read for free or buy a copy. Includes Chapter 5 of Sly Doubt of Uranus, CD’s novel about the most wanted villain from the planet Uranus based on the Pixel Vault Generative Metahero #505.


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