Vagobond Magazine Oct/Nov 2023 VM2.8

Emily Lazar, Vagobond Magazine

Vagobond Magazine Oct/Nov 2023 Volume 2, Issue 8

Contributors: CD Damitio, Rionna Morgan, E.R. Donaldson, Cryptoversal Books, Quanta, Indefatigable, Words to be Poetry, Emily Lazar

Second annual edition of Vagobond Magazine’s Music Issue. Focusing on Web3 Music with photos provided courtesy of Emily Lazar. Also includes work by wordstobepoetry, Cryptoversal Books, Rionna Morgan, E.R. Donaldson, Quanta, CD Damitio, and NikolAI Petrovic


Available on Kindle (Fiat Currency:

Available on Readl as an NFT Book ($MATIC)

Available on ReadMe Books as an NFT Book via Opens or Rarible (Polygon $ETH or $Matic )

Available on OBJKTas an NFT Book  ($XTZ)



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