Project Spotlight: Lazer Labs and Danger Islands

by @Sarahj1919

(from Vagobond Magazine Issue #4)

Lazer Labs started as a free mint in October for Bloot holders. Blooters were able to claim their BlootMF and received 10,000 xBMF tokens as well. There were also two donation tiers, 0.1 and 0.5 ETH, that received extra xBMF as well as an ongoing share of secondary sales commissions. 

BlootMF was just the beginning for our project lead, an anon dev who goes by the username BlootMF. He quickly got to work to bring value to the holders. 2 weeks later the token contract went live for xBMF. BlootMF claim window ended shortly after, capping BlootMF at 1518 NFTs. 

Each BlootMF NFT earns a yield, earning from 10 up to 25 xBMF per day depending on its Stake Booster level.

In the middle of November 2021, Lazer Soda started minting and in December, LazerLabs launched auto-staking for Bloot, where each Bloot NFT earns xBMF every day, if paired with a Soda. Lazer Soda minters also received 30k xBMF tokens. 

BlootMF created a xBMF/ETH liquidity pool on SushiSwap by the end of November to complete the first phase and LP tokens were burned. 

Next up for Lazer was beginning to build Danger Islands. The land was the first to mint at the end of January. By minting a Danger Islands land, you qualified for a free pfp pirate mint. Skull caves to go on the land minted at the end of February and pirates at the end of March. 

Starting in early April, land and skull caves were able to start being staked. At the end of April the first battle began! You sent your pirates into battle and about 10 days later the boss was defeated. Boss’s also drop gems, totems, ghosts and xBMF to a few lucky pirates. 

Everyone who participated in the battle was dropped a NFT of the boss, which will have utility in future battles., this months was Ol’ Slithery Future plans for Lazer Labs include expanding the bazaar. 

Right now you are able to use xBMF to purchase Ol’ Slithery and mint pirates. The pirates will be getting an upgrade soon as the next battle is just on the horizon….


For more information on Lazer Labs: 

@LazerLabs Discord  

Buy xBMF

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