Featured Hawaii  NFT Project AP3 Island

from Vagobond Magazine Issue 4

AP3 Island Hawaii is a project located on the island of Oahu.  We have purchased and developed 25 acres of beachfront property on the North Shore of Hawaii and built out a one-of-a-kind IRL utility offering for all holders.  Each NFT holder will have access to our onsite horseback riding around the coastline as well as ATV’s on our custom built race track.  In addition to that we are building out a 4000 sq ft private NFT clubhouse that will offer panoramic views of the peninsula and ocean.  Also included is an airplane tour around the island of Oahu (or neighboring islands) by the founder Jesse Knight.  We have also created a gamified experience that begins immediately when arriving at the island and is an optional activity to further enhance the vacation experience for visitors and/or can be a great opportunity for locals to bond and get outside with other NFT holders.  After booking on the website via a tokengated booking app, you will be sent an email (or text) from a guide named “Kimo” who will give you coordinates to pick up your physical map to AP3 island shortly before you arrive.  The pickup location will be in the heart of Waikiki and you will have to follow the coordinates to find it.  To further gamify the experience you have the option to follow clues and try to find other hidden locations on the island where a QR code will be placed allowing you to claim a POAP upon finding it.  If you are able to collect all the POAPs, there just might be a surprise.  We felt it was crucial to onboard an artist instead of using a standard “access pass” to offer the holders an additional layer of value.  We felt like the artist should be a local from here in Hawaii that would give meaning and an identity to the project as a whole and we feel very lucky and privileged that Jasper agreed to do the artwork for the NFT offering.  Jasper Wong (https://twitter.com/mrjasperwong) (https://jasperwong.net/) has brought to life an amazing collection of unique art that is brandable and collectible through his personalized style. 

We feel that Hawaii is a special place and is a premier vacation destination and will continue to be so for generations to come.  We see the NFT clubhouse and the peninsula being a place where NFT holders can come and vacation with their families but also a place where people from all of the world can meet and engage with others to innovate and push the boundaries on what’s possible WEB 3. 

We will have a “secret room” that will be specifically for NFT holders to meet with other ppl to collaborate as well as a studio for destination podcasts/interviews with others in the space.  There are also so many other things being discussed and worked out to bring more utility to the peninsula which all NFT holders will have access to.  The peninsula itself is set up to operate as a business outside of the NFT ecosystem which is by design.  Our vision is for this NFT to grant access in perpetuity to AP3 Island and other amenities and the team is specifically structured with the right business acumen and experience to do that. 


Who is behind the project? Fully Doxxed Team

Jesse Knight – Founder, Pilot, NFT Degen (https://twitter.com/NFT_Clydesdale) sidelined his pilot career to bridge the web2 and web3 worlds together.  Early projects minted include BAYC, VeeFriends, Punks, Azuki, Wolf Game, etc and has been working on changing the landscape on what’s possible with utility in the NFT space.  

Ryan Tanaka – Asset Management and Business Operations (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryantanaka/)

Ryan has worked in many financial, operational, and managerial roles.  Beginning with Tokyo Star Bank, a regional bank with $750 million in annual revenue, 

Abe Lee – Real Estate Acquisitions and Development (https://www.linkedin.com/in/abe-lee/)

Abe Lee has been a licensed realtor since 1973 and has personally developed more than 150 projects in Hawaii

Dane Ing – Community Manager (https://www.linkedin.com/in/daneing/)

15 years of experience in software development, people and process development, and bottom line revenue growth.  

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