The Council of Aiea – Determining the Future of Bald Jesusism and Web3 Metaverse ‘Religion’

History of The Holy Bjble in Bald Jesusism

Last year, in an effort to ‘legitimize’ Bald Jesusism as a legitimate (but completely ridiculous ‘religion’) I spent the months of October and November compiling and ‘revealing’ The Holy Bjble. BJBLE stands for Bald Jesus Bible Living Edition. Even in the name, I wanted to make sure that those who beheld it’s majesty understood that this was a LIVING publication and one that would change and evolve over time.

The OG Edition of the Holy Bjble was released on December 24, 2021 as a token gated Ethereum NFT to holders of Bald Jesus Drinking Club NFTs as a perk for minting, holding, and being a part of the community. The OG edition holders were granted full commercial and artistic rights to the entire contents of the OG Holy Bjble to use in whatever way they see fit with no restrictions. There were 100 OG Holy Bjble’s released.

The AB Edition of the Holy Bjble was released on December 26, 2021 as a readable NFT on the Polygon network through ReadMe Books. This edition is free to read on IPFS or Opensea and does not come with any commercial or artistic rights. It was limited to 1000 copies and sold for the minimum possible price on OpenSea about $1.50 each.

Perhaps the part of Bald Jesusism that I am most proud of are the litany of holy days (Bald Jesusism Holidays) . Full moons, solstice, and equinox are always a holiday. In addition there are a number of holidays celebrating reading, grafitti, ukuleles, video games, pizza, and bitcoin. One of my personal favorite holidays is October 13th – Skeptic’s Day. This is the day that we question everything, including Bald Jesusism and the Holy Bjble.

For the past year (even before I began compiling the Holy Bjble) I’ve been attempting to live a ‘Bald Jesus Lifestyle’ – it hasn’t always been easy but I do feel like it has made me a better person just by trying to follow the BJ Rule (“Don’t be a dick!”) and the ’10 Suggestions’ (not commandments).

A Historical Reminder – The Council of Nicea

In the year 325 A.D. there was no Holy Bible as we know it. There were actually quite a number of different Christian religious texts but many of them had differing accounts, contradictory statements, and in some cases doctrine that Christians today would be shocked by. All of the prominent Bishops of Christendom convened in the city of Nicea (now in modern day Iznik, Turkey) called by the Christian Roman Emperor Justinian. In Nicea, the Bishops did a huge cut and paste job, debated about what to include and what to leave out, and essentially wrote a new doctrine for Christianity without having all the historical bits popping up and causing contradictions. This was where they created the holiday of Easter and the doctrine of Father, Son, Holy Spirit as well as deciding to go with the idea of Christ being the ‘son’ of God.

So – what does that have to do with Bald Jesusism and the Holy Bjble?

A Modern Day Replay – The Council of Aiea

On Skeptics Day this year, I will convene the Council of Aiea in the Vagobond Discord. Since Bald Jesusism was born in Hawaii, I symbolically placed the council location in the Hawaiian city of Aiea which as a writer, I appreciate for being the only city in the USA that has no consonants in the name. At the council of Aiea, holders of the AB or the OG Holy Bjble will be able to completely destroy, rewrite, edit, revise, or otherwise change the Holy Bjble (and thus the entire religion of Bald Jesusism)in whatever way they see fit. Any holder can create a motion to add, delete, revise, or otherwise change the core text of the Holy Bjble.

Holding any number of OG Holy Bjble gives the holder five votes.

Holding any number of AB Holy Bjble gives the holder one vote.

The holidays and the BJ Rule are immutable. Other than that – anything goes and a simple majority will win the vote. So, for example – a wallet with 5 OG Bjbles and 20 AB Bjbles gets 6 votes – exactly like a wallet that holds 1 OG and 1 AB. Users can spread their assets to different wallets for voting. So the max votes per wallet is 6.

I look forward to seeing what the community wants to do with the Holy Bjble. We can take this in any direction we choose.

The first Council of Aiea will run from October 13 – December 21. The revised Holy Bjble will be publised as a polygon NFT and dropped to all participants in the council.

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