The Rise and Fall of Bloot

(This article originally appeared in Vagobond Magazine Issue #4

It happened back in the ancient times (September 03, 2021). One Day BEANIE popped into the Pixel Vault Founders Dao, just as I was about to go pick up my kid from school. “Free mint, come get it” It was a Loot derivative he and a few degen frens had thrown together. Loot but kind of cringe and bright green. I had to rush out the door and tried to get it when I got home an hour later. It was sold out. Prices were skyrocketing. Then they announced this thing called Bloot Gold $BGLD – then Beanie was like “I’m going to make this my life’s work and incorporate everything I do into it.”  Huge fortunes were made. People who thought they had never had a chance were finally making it. ( I missed it) And then – some FUD with BGLD and Art Chick – then Beanie was suddenly like “Yeah, this is a joke” and then all those people who followed him to the edge of the cliff were falling and looking upwards and saying “This fucker isn’t falling off with us…” and honestly that was the beginning of the end for Beanie – but it wasn’t anything like the end for Bloot. 

Bloot inspired a number of ripoffs, rugs, and failed projects (like my Bloot Poot for instance) but also Poopy Bloot, Bloot Girls, Bloot Elves, Blooticorns, and as far as I know the most successful spin off – BlootMF which spawned Lazer Labs.

Bloot has always been a community of builders. People who got screwed over by the dot-com crash, the great recession, and the bear of 2017-18. Some Blooters cried, some made Beanie death threats, but others built and created and kept moving forward. Eventually – GFunk and Pixel Vault gave the Blooters a comic and a poap Beanie had promised and reneged on. This was after Pixel Vault divorced Beanie and put a restraining order on him (figuratively). 

Bloot is still here. The Bloot Abides. It’s really not for weaks. The people who believed in it all along are taking the reins. Are you ready for the greatest ReBloot in History? Get Ready Mfers. If there is any project that might rise out of the shit and surprise everyone – it might be Bloot – or maybe not. 

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