Merry Christmas Friends!

From God’s Mouth to My Ears – that’s one of the phrases a good friend of mine used to say. Or maybe it was the other way around. Does God even have a mouth? Or ears?

Anyway – it’s a beautiful Christmas morning and I’ve released something into the wild that I hope changes your life the way it has changed mine.

The Holy Bjble

Holy Bjble This has been an amazing journey. As I’ve said before, I’m not even really sure how it began. At some point in the past, I bought the domain – I don’t know exactly why. Early in 2021, I decided to make a funny NFT project and decided it would be Bald Jesus. I hand drew them, then adapted to digital and made it my mission to learn how to create an NFT project. I started making them on WAX and much to my surprise – other people joined me! Together we made hundreds of Bald Jesus NFTs. We developed an ethos and a culture – from out of nowhere, we had a motto and a credo – a doctrine. Over time, I moved to Ethereum and Polygon chains and became immersed in Web3. I created a monetized generative project with which led to the idea of buying land, having a business entity, and since we were already being called a cult by people who knew nothing about us – I called it Bald Jesus Cult, LLC. Since I’d already gone that route, I decided it made sense to become a legit religious organization but we needed a holy book. I’m a writer, so I decided to write it. The Bald Jesus Bible Living Edition (B.J.B.L.E) or Holy Bjble was born.  And today, on Christmas Day of 2021 – it has been released to the world.

Holy Bjble 1.0 on Internet Archive

Holy Bjble 1.0 on IPFS (Interplanetary File System)

In fact, it is really two books. The first book is the ideology and doctrine of Bald Jesusism – these are the ‘blocks’. Bald Jesusism is rooted in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT (non-fungible tokens) culture and the ethic of Web3 which can be boiled down to the elimination of parasitic middle-man economics. It also has a basic ideology which is “Don’t be a dick” and can be understood as treat yourself, your body, other people, their bodies, living things and their bodies, the planet and its body in a respectable and decent way.

The second book included in the Holy Bjble is the stories of Bald Jesus. These are the origin stories, the parables, and the life of BJ himself – along with some of the stories he told along the way.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve Day of 2021 is the official birth of Bald Jesusism. This religion was born out of me but I can’t say that I invented it or created it. The pieces were all there. I can literally say that it came from God’s mouth to my ears – much like Rhapsody in Blue appeared to Gershwin on that train ride from Chicago to New York.

Who am I to do this? I’m not important. I’m literally just the vessel this is being born from. I’m a flawed human being who has led a flawed life. As it says in the Holy Bjble – the truth must come from within you and only you can know it.

Holy Bjble Genesis Block 1: 18-21

18 Confirmation will come from within and only from within. 19 Consensus is between the universal and the agent of change. 20 Do not listen to the words or commands of any who do not exist within you – not even the messengers sent with, by, and for the word for they are flawed and created with inherent weakness for only from weakness and failure can growth and birth spring from. 21 Do not look at their trappings of success nor hear the golden reflections of their words for the word is only that which is heard within. 22 There is no barrier, no being, no middle man or woman standing between you and the divine.

And so it must be. Do not let me be the middle man between you and the divine.

Still, I wouldn’t be a very good founder if I didn’t walk the walk and drink my own variety of wine – so I’m going to do that. I turn fifty in a few days – I can’t believe that actually. It blows my mind. Half a century seems like such a long time. Here I am. And while I’ve already been living Bald Jesusism for several months – I will officially start to live it for my 50th year and share everything along the way with you.

I’ve already been documenting Bald Jesusism and my journey with it on my podcast – Vagobond Podcast Adventures and I will continue to share. I’ve also been sharing quotes from the Holy Bjble on a twitter account @BjbleQuotes and I will continue to share Bald Jesusism there and on @BaldJesusArt.

This adventure is just beginning. To start – I created 100 copies of the OG Holy Bjble as an NFT – the Original Guttenberg (OG) edition and dropped them to people who have been material supporters or good friends to BJ thus far. These people have full license and rights to do whatever they want with the Holy Bjble. The LE in Bjble stands for Living Edition and I fully expect this book to be changed to suit different people in different times and places. The beauty of the blockchain and having version 1.0 on IPFS and the Internet Archive is that it will always be there for people to reference and compare with any future versions that may emerge.

Alright, it’s Christmas morning and time for me to stuff the stockings before my kiddo wakes up. Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope that some of you will choose to join me on this journey into Bald Jesusism in 2022. I’ll document it all here and on the podcast and twitter accounts. Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka.


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