Mybal the Mystic Mutant Ape is a psychic ape from the BAYC/MAYC NFT community. After disappearing in the Mystic Swamp many years ago, she reappeared with extra eyeballs and an uncanny ability to see the future. 


Mybal’s Predictions for 2022

  1. Markets: All financial markets will crash hard and then explode upwards trying to catch up with inflation and traders will be seeking a new ‘inflation hedge’ but won’t find it.
  2. Music: An artificial intelligence with an animal avatar will become a pop star. ‘Country Rap’ will become a mainstream genre popular with right wing conservative youth and NFL fans.
  3. Tech: 3-D food printers will become a thing you can buy on Amazon. Jeff Bezos will buy a cable news network.
  4. NFTs: An NFT airline will start operating. Passengers will need to own an airline specific NFT in order to book or board flights. Fast food restaurants will start operating ‘play to earn’ NFT/crypto games on their mobile apps. Disney will buy an established NFT ecosystem – most likely Yetis.
  5. Taxes and Regulation: The US tax and securities services will attempt to go after crypto and NFT projects hard but it will quickly become apparent that the professionals they need to hire to do so, already earn more than government is able to pay – in the crypto and NFT spaces. A blockchain ban will be proposed.
  6. Middle East and North Africa: The Islamic State or a successor will rise up and seize power in failing states of the Middle East. Tunisia, Turkey, and Greece will follow El Salvador in making Bitcoin their national currency.
  7. Disasters: A big North American earthquake will seriously shake things up. Hurricane season will be largest on record. Hopefully casualties will be minimal.
  8. China: There is a strong possibility of a ‘Cold War’ between China and the US over Taiwan with a small chance that a ‘hot’ naval war could ensue.
  9. Covid: A ‘Boomer’ variant of Covid-19 will sweep the nation and the world, Joe Biden and other boomers will succumb – leaving acting President Harris in charge.
  10. Religion: Bald Jesusism will become the fastest growing religion in the world as BJ Rule #1 “Don’t be a dick!” saturates media and entertainment. Christian and Islamic fundamentalists will unite in condemning Bald Jesusism as the religion of the antichrist.

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