Happy Solstice and Great Tidings of Wonder and Awe(someness),

After three months of hard work, the dedicated and hard working Council of Aiea have completed the transformation of The Holy BJBLE AB edition from a rough and imperfect document outlining the birth of Baldism to a less rough and less imperfect document which is a suitable foundational text for Baldism. That is the beauty of a ‘Living Edition‘, which the BJBLE will always be. It is adaptable, changeable, and able to grow and become more (or less) over time.

The Bald Jesus Bible Living Edition, Council of Aiea, Version 0.1 is the foundational text for Baldism, the religion which is overseen and nurtured, adapted, and grown by the Council of Aiea. The Council of Aiea is the governing body for Baldism and is made up of members who either

  1. Own a Holy BJBLE NFT
  2. Have purchased an officially produced physical or kindle version of the Holy BJBLE

The Holy BJBLE is available and free to read for all. We have produced it here on Vagobond in the flip book version below. It is also available to be viewed or read for free through the READL and README Books NFTs. Our intent is not to limit anyone benefiting from the shared knowledge and wisdom of the Holy BJBLE but only to ensure that those who partake in the shaping of future versions are those who are the most committed. Being a member of the Council of Aiea is a privilege and a responsibility that is not to be taken lightly.

The Council of Aiea convenes in the Vagobond Magazine Discord on September 21st of each year and for three months debates what to include, what to delete, what to add, and how to present it. The completed edition of the Holy BJBLE each year is expected to differ significantly from those that preceded it -as this, the first CoA version differs from both the OG and the AB versions of the Holy BJBLE which proceeded it.

Members will use their Holy BJBLE NFTs as entry tokens to the Council of Aiea. Those who purchase through Amazon or other third parties may show a receipt in order to be granted a proxy token that will enable them to enter the council channels.




Places to purchase the Holy Bjble CoA version:

NFT – OpenSea ~$3  https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x931204fb8cea7f7068995dce924f0d76d571df99/140

NFT – READL  ~ $3 https://readl.co/book/30084257830662459293727564547486092102889473100289618363403860073906519933028

Kindle ~ $3  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BPXF4J78

Paperback $5  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1939827272/

Hard Cover  $20 https://www.amazon.com/dp/1939827280/



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