Happy Weekend Frens,

I hope everyone is safe and healthy on this Sunday morning. I want to bring you guys in on something I think is pretty special. Something that may fundamentally change an important part of our culture and that might even make some money for you.

As you all probably know – my sweet spots for NFTs and blockchain are focused in a few areas (Like Bald Jesusism) where key interests of mine intersect ie

1) Travel NFTs

2) Music NFTs

3) Comic NFTs

and perhaps most important of all to me an intersecting with all of the above

4) Literary and Book NFTs.

Fifteen months ago,  I looked around and didn’t see anyone doing anything in regards to writers, books, literature, and authors in regards to Non-Fungible Tokens. So – I decided to build something which was LITether. I’m not a skilled dev and startup building is really a team sport and I didn’t find a team to join me in LITether – but what I did find shortly after starting was a really cool team of people who had the same idea I was onto and had built a team to go after it.

At that time it was WIP Publishing and Libernet but we have since evolved into PageDao – which is the Metaverse Writers Guild and much more. Yes, I said we. I’ve been an unofficial member of the team for a year now and just recently joined in a slightly more official way.

What we are building is incredibly cool and I think will be as revolutionary as Amazon was to book selling and the Guttenberg Press was to publishing. And….I’d like you all to be a part of it. I love this community and it will never disappear as long as I’m around so don’t worry about that – but I’d like you guys to have the chance to join us in PageDao as well.

If you already own one of my books from ReadMe Books or WIP Publishing Genesis – guess what? You are already a member of PageDao!


If you don’t yet have one (or more) the floor price is really cheap (right now). So what do you do now? Well, first of all join the PageDao Discord.


Introduce yourself, make yourself known, explore a little bit – PageDao (like here) is a really open and awesome community of mostly doxxed people who want to help each other succeed in Web3. There are simple daily writing prompts that you can earn $PAGE token for…and much more. Writers, artists, devs can all get as deeply involved as they are willing and able to. Right now we are working on getting the 2022 generative member tokens created for all members – the Page Pass. You will want one of these.

Finally – Let’s Give You Guys Some NFT Books!!!!!

Contest duration will be two weeks.


1) Create something (anything!!!)

2) Associate it with books, travel, Vagobond, Bald Jesus or something else unique about this discord

3) Tweet it with the link to the Vagobond Discord (https://discord.gg/BqqtyDYPn8)

4) Tag me on Twitter @vagobond

4) Post the tweet in giveaways on our server . That’s it. Winners will receive one of my NFT books from ReadMe Books or WIP Publishing which will give you membership to PageDAO.

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