My Bag of NFT Chips: Blue, Red, & White

Project News Updated on Sunday March 13, 2022 by Vagobond

These are my personal chip plays. Not everyone will agree with my chip designations. That’s fine.


Blue Chips


  • Yuga Labs bought Crypto Punks and Meebits and released the rights to community!

  • $APE token coming. TBA
  • (from OSF in Degenz Discord) The biggest news is a potential acquisition of Larva Labs by Yuga Labs. There are a lot of rumours out there but I’m hearing it’s an acquisition of Larva Labs as a whole and not just Meebits. Would be probably one of the biggest developments we’ve seen to date in NFTs; the top two flagship web3 brands combining to result in a massive powerhouse. It also makes $APE utility interesting…there have been rumours of it being some kind of NFT marketplace and given LL has a marketplace for its Punks and Apes maybe those rumours start to make a bit more sense. Meebits have rallied a lot on the news while Punks have been a bit more muted. Honestly though it’s mega bullish for the whole space; you now gotta think of existing projects and which are potential acquisition candidates. It also means the value of $APE could be pretty huge. YL have sent round a KYC to everyone without explaining why so it does feel like we’re about to get some of that roadmap unleashed on us next few days. I’m kind of surprised Apes and Mutants aren’t higher actually.

Pixel Vault Punks Comic/ Metahero $PUNKS/$POW

  • Mintpass #2 is live
  • Physical comic #1 claimable for most but some issues, Mintpass #2 coming sometime soon
  • Moonlings – derivative born in PVFD launched and sold out

NFTs by $LIT –

  • LITtest party in LA will be on Thursday, March 31st from 7-10pm
  • Sia is one of the Medici
  • LIT DAO has first governance vote for all token holders

On Chain Monkeys

  • IRL meetups TBA
  • Charity NFT launched and raised $160,000! Holders can vote which charity, the mint doesn’t close till Friday (3/11), so you can still mint “OCM Earth” (Link to “OCM Earth” mint site:

BYO Pills BYOpills, BYOvape, BYOland, Apostles,

  • BYOships dropped, claim window will remain open for 2 weeks

10KTF $NTD token. This is a cool and probably Beeple project.

  • Partnering with Gucci, holders of 10KTF assets in raffle for drop.
  • Pass holders mint tomorrow

Peace Void/ Peaceful Groupies $PEACE token, PeaceDAO

  • Peace marketplace coming

WVRPS The first hybrid generative pfps and so much more

Moons of Mars Rock n Roll, Fashion, Branding, Products

Jenkins the Valet –

  • Special Jake the Degen drop for holders ongoing

Huxley AAA Game, Movie, Series, Licensing innovation

  • Huxley has gone to great lengths to make things right with their collectors/holders since the Issue 3 mint. Big giveaway yesterday for Gold and Early # Issue 2s. Then a giveaway for Issue 3s to the community that missed out.


Red Chips

These are projects I think have the potential to become blue chip

Non Fungible Heroes / Gods

  • Free comic mint launched!
  • Lore Gallery added so users can add their pfp’s story
  • Comic Drop: The free mint for the first NFH Comic Book will open Friday, March 11. You will have until Saturday, March 19 to claim your free mint. Entitlements: 🔷 Hold 1x NFH Hero, Villain or God = You can mint 1 comic 🔷 Hold 2-9x NFH Heroes, Villains or Gods = You can mint 2 comics 🔷 Hold 10x or more NFH Heroes, Villains or Gods = You can mint 3 comics We will be taking a snapshot on Thursday night after the Town Hall to verify what your wallet is eligible to mint, so be sure to complete any transactions/mint any additional Gods you’d like before that snapshot is taken. Accessing the Comic: The book in it’s entirety is absolutely stunning, and we can’t wait for the world to see it. We’ll be publishing it exclusively in the Discord Holders-Only area for one week before we post it to our website. Other Things to Know: When our token launches and our marketplace opens, we will be launching variant covers that will be redeemable for $LORE. is the artist of the primary cover you’ll be receiving this week, but variants will follow!

Valiant Comics

2112 – Shadowrun meets NFTs. Lore rich project. 

Genetic Chain

  • A wide variety of exciting pfp projects coming up here from known digital artists
  • Beautiful drop in the members lounge which is where those who stake their GC passes can collect rewards and drops

Dead Heads |

Nuclear Nerds

  • Comic book prologue almost complete

Nifty League

  • $5 Million VC investment announced

White Chips

These are projects I love and support – but tbh, some of them may end up in the graveyard

Danger Island/Lazer Soda

  • Danger Island mint completed.
  • Pirate pfp mint coming soon

Look Labs This is the latest Weed game.

  • There is a lot of reason to be enthusiastic about this, but I’m super cautious on it. Past results do not guarantee future returns and that seems to be what a lot of Wolf Game enthusiasts are banking on.
  • Beanie was on the call but mostly talking about his new project EndGame which sounds like it was thought up over drinks a few days ago, not much else released. I’m moving LL to White Chips. 
  • ‘End Game’ is another project being launched by this team with Beanie
  • As of now, the only official spaces ran by the LookLabs team are hosted every Friday at 4:20 PM EST. Any other spaces are in-fact community ran and any statements/conversations should not be taken as being endorsed by the LookLabs team.
  • Green Fam.


  • Project Update As we discussed during our last townhall, we have been hard at work on game design and putting everything in place to have an alpha version of this game ready by the end of this year. Although not as visually flashy, the design stage is obviously very important and we want to make sure we take the time to get it right. As we finish up design and continue to ramp up the development of the game in the coming months, we will be sure to give you many sneak peeks. We are also working on a few other (big) things behind the scenes that we will announce in the coming months. While I know things have been a little quiet lately, expect lots of announcements and excitement Q2 and beyond. News I just received word that I have been approved as a speaker at NFT.NYC. I will be representing the Satoshiverse and talking about the evolution of comic art in the NFT space. I hope to see many of you there!

Lucky Maneki

Persona Lamps

  • Webcomic launched and it’s pretty beautiful
  • Full redesign of website

Rebels in Disguise – An experiment in storytelling. 

  • Lore being updated, various giveaways to holders

Rebel Planet Motor Club

  • Slow but steady progress on a big roadmap – IRL collector coins coming for holders

Creature Toadz Mashup of Creatures + Cryptoadz . $FLYZ

  • Not really sure what’s going on here at the moment, but still seems to be working.

Do Not Mint

  • This may be idiotic but it’s feeling like something
  • Also may be idiotic but I sold mine for a 4x profit to get liquidity



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