My first month of living Bald Jesusism can be found here


I walked twelve miles yesterday. Half a marathon. It was so satisfying. A big part of that was the human interaction along the way. The friendly bartender when I stopped to drink a cold beer along the way. Running into another parent from my daughter’s school along the way. Chatting with the guy I bought a taco from about San Antonio. Randomly having some lady show me her car and commiserating with her about how hard it is to sell a used car when you are honest about the flaws. These were simple, trivial even, interactions – and yet – satisfying and impossible if I had not simply decided to be out taking a long walk. The walking – and taking the time for the walking – are so important.


I still have the urge to write 2020. So strange. Yesterday, I went to the University of Hawaii at Manoa and papered Bald Jesus promo posters all over the campus. Excellent work making these by Pokemon Dundee.


The first Bald Jesus holiday of Ukulele Day was a lot of fun. I did a small twitter space, played ukulele with friends and enjoyed the whole aloha vibe of the day.


I’ve been enjoying the daily walks, meditation, and stretching/light yoga. It’s fun to introduce people to BJ on a daily basis – although I admit, it always feels a bit odd to bring it up. Lol.

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