I’m not going to lie – last month was challenging for me in terms of Bald Jesusism. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I didn’t live BJism very well at all. Now, that’s not to say that my fourth month of living this philosophy wasn’t a good month for me personally, because in many ways it was – but I didn’t always live up to the seemingly simple credo of ‘Don’t be a dick’ nor did I consistently follow through on the ten suggestions for a better life.

My marriage has been falling apart and we are working towards getting a divorce – but neither of us wants this to impact our amazing kiddo who we both love so much any more than it absolutely has to. This is really hard. In addition, I find it particularly hard to deal with what I consider one of the biggest failings of our modern society – the inability to speak to people who can actually resolve issues for you whether they be technical, bureaucratic, or financial. The bottom line is this – my frustration came out hard several times in this situation – and to sum it up – I acted like a dick to people who were just doing their job and had no way to do anything further than they were doing. These poor people are put in the position of being gatekeepers and as such, they have to actively not help people. The frustrating part of all this to me is that these aren’t insurmountable problems, but they are insurmountable when talking to a low level employee thousands of miles away who has no authority to deviate from a script or contact a person who is allowed to. Essentially they are put in the position of being gas chamber operators while we on the other end are put in the position of becoming Karens or not having our problems solved. Yes, I was a dick and yes, I did take it there – several times.

I walked most days – especially on those days I was in Austin, Texas or Los Angeles, California – on returning home from Austin, I was doing my morning yoga and dislocated something in my back – which made taking long walks incredibly painful. Then my left testicle swelled to the size of a tennis ball just before the trip to California – which was also painful and uncomfortable. Somehow, I walked through these challenges but I didn’t meditate every day – now, here is a strange one – my meditation started to become almost like a panic attack – I need to figure out how to overcome that.

In terms of transacting on chain and education in both blockchain and Bald Jesus – I did a pretty good job. I introduced a lot of people to Bald Jesus and tried to recruit people into the project – which was both fun and probably made me look like a complete nutter. I was amply rewarded however – and feel like that worked out well.

I didn’t go full on celebrating the holidays of BJism – but I did plant some pineapples, reflect on my goals and aspirations, and consider Pi on World Pi Day.

This next month will be interesting. It is Ramadan for our Muslim frens and so, I am fasting along with them. My fast isn’t a specific Muslim fast but in general not eating during daylight hours for the next month.

Takeaway at the end of the day – I can do better.

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