Alpha of the Niftyverse #2 by @StarLordGMI

FewoWorld : A project to watch out for Fewoworld is the first generative art project by Fewocious.

Who is Fewocious?: Victor Langlois, also known as Fewocious is one of the world’s leading digital artists. He is the youngest artist ever to be featured on Christie’s and has already earned multi-millions through his earlier drops. Fewocious describes it as a creative universe and from the teasers it looks really cool. It is in line with other projects that have their own ecosystem with this one being focussed on fewo’s unique art style.

Fewo’s tweet introducing Fewoworld :


According to the website, there is no roadmap to FewoWorld, or “whitepaper”.

FewoWorld is the home for FEWOCiOUS’ web3 experiments, into the metaverse and beyond.

Older collections of fewocious have been experiencing an increase in floor price since this was announced.

Mechanics of Fewoworld :
Paint, Canvas and Fewos are the 3 main pillars of Fewoworld.
Paint is building block of all life in Fewo-world.
Holders of paint will be able to unlock things in Fewo-world including canvas and Fewos.
Canvas is stated to be the reward for top paint holders and paint party attenders.
While Fewos are cute lil inhabitants of the Fewoworld. (possible pfp’s)

Team :
Richerd and the team at manifold are also involved in the project as is Farokh.

Paint drop :
Paint is the first NFT collection released for the fewoworld. Interested people were able to mint paint from Nifty Gateway.
Holder of fewo’s earlier collections got early access in which they were able to mint for 500$ per paint while in public sale the price was 1000$ per paint.
It was an open edition so there was no supply limit to the number of paint that can be minted. Pre-sale lasted for 3 hours while public was for 24.
Minters will get 1 NFT representing the total units of paint they minted – like pak’s merge drop.
Top 50 holders of paint will get 1/1 fewo’s when they launch and a Diamond paint NFT trophy.
The drop turned out to be highly successful and over 30k paint units were bought. I expect that number of paint NFTs will be less than 10k which makes the supply quite healthy for the secondary market.
The top holder got 561 paint while 50th ranked got 168. Whales like Matty and Bharat Krymo are among the top-5 holders.
The team raised more than 20 million$ with this drop which should give them ample resources to buidl this into a great experience.
Link to NG drop :
Link to fewoworld website :

Paint’s role in fewoworld seems similar to Book Games in the Vee Friends ecosystem.

This will be like the currency that unlocks other things.

The art on the paint drops seems really cool and i cant wait for the reveal.

Betting on OG artists and quality teams always seems to be a good call in NFTs as recently the CyberBrokers collection by Josie Bellini has shown. The 10k supply collection with amazing fully on chain art has a floor price close to 5 ETH. Looking forward to meet you all in the Fewoworld!

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