Vagobond Magazine is thrilled to announce that Rionna Morgan has joined our team as Senior Editor.

Rionna is a highly educated and accomplished individual with a passion for literature, writing, and travel. She holds double bachelors degrees in English literature and writing, a masters degree in English literature, and a Juris Doctorate. In addition to her impressive educational background, Rionna is also a best-selling, award-winning author who has been published with multiple platforms in the Web3 space and is a romantic suspense novelist with Simon & Schuster.

Concurrently to her successful writing career, Rionna worked as an English teacher and professor, using her expertise in literature to inspire and educate others. She also works as a practicing lawyer, using her legal knowledge to serve her clients and community.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Rionna is also an avid reader and traveler. She has visited numerous locales around the world, including Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Paris, Prague, and Zurich, and is always eager to explore new places and cultures.

As Senior Editor at Vagobond Magazine, Rionna will be responsible for overseeing the editorial content of the magazine, including coordinating with the Editor-in-Chief in regard to planning, writing, and editing articles, as well as managing a team of writers and editors.

With her wealth of experience and knowledge in both literature and the law, Rionna is a valuable asset to Vagobond Magazine. We are confident that she will make a positive impact on our team and the magazine as a whole. We are excited to welcome Rionna to the Vagobond Magazine family.

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