GM Vagobond Fam,

Happy New Year. 2023 is going to be the best year of our lives…yet. I just know it. I want to start off our year together by laying out a flexible roadmap for where we are going.

First — who we are. I’ll start because I know me.

I’m CD Damitio. Author and founder of Vagobond Magazine. I’m a Web3 native. I’m a creative dude that lives in Honolulu. I’m 51 years old and I’m an INFJ personality type. I’m father to an 11-year-old daughter, a USMC veteran, and I live in Paradise. I enjoy travel, learning about different cultures, and telling stories. I’m also an irreverent motherfucker with a foul mouth. What brought me to Web3 was a deep dissatisfaction with the civilization and culture we find ourselves living in. I believe that creatives are the lifeblood of our humanity. I also believe that we (creatives) have been used, exploited, and treated badly by blood-sucking middle-men for too long. In blockchain and Web3 technology, I saw the possibility to disrupt the nature of our current civilization in the best possible way — by empowering creatives and eliminating middle-men.

So that’s me. Now on to we — the collective us at the Vagobond Magazine Discord. First of all — I would love it if each one of you put together a paragraph like the one I wrote about myself and introduced yourself in the #intros-no-shill channel. You don’t have to dox yourself, but it would be wonderful to know more about your essence and who you are, what motivates you.

Next — about our Discord Server.

This server is the heart of our community. This is where we can share jokes, stories, news, alpha, complaints, or whatever we want. The server is made up of several overlapping communities.

  • Writers and readers of Vagobond Magazine.
  • People who are interested in literary NFTs
  • People who are interested in travel (with or without NFTs)
  • People who are interested or involved in my writing or other projects
  • People who are interested in Baldism and Bald Jesus

Let’s break that last one down.

Baldism is the religion born from the NFT project Bald Jesus. Vagobond Magazine played a big part in that and this server hosts the events and channels of Baldism and Bald Jesus. You don’t have to be a Baldist or even like Baldism to be here but we do operate under the BJ Rule “Don’t be a dick”. If you want to be involved in Baldism — this is the place to do it. This is where the Council of Aiea convenes annually and there is some amount of crossover between our communities. We are not one community, actually, we are many.

Now that we’ve defined who we are and where we are — let’s move on to the flexible roadmap for 2023.

First of all — the $BALDS token. I think it’s important that we have a community currency. I don’t know all the things we might do with it in the future, but I am certain that having a community currency will be important for us moving forward. Rather than having different currencies for the different communities here — it makes sense that we have one. That is the $BALDS token. Thus far, $BALDS have been used as a governance token for the Council of Aiea — but there will be many more uses for $BALDS moving forward.

The first thing we need to work out is distribution. There has already been a small amount distributed to Council Members for their contributions to creating the Holy BJBLE CoA v.0.1. Now it is time to distribute to our wider communities.

We are not thousands of people yet and I’m not a blockchain genius so I can’t set up a way to claim automatically so we are going to start with a simple manual claim.

This claim period will be open for one month with a possibility for extension if it needs to be done.

Here are the assets and the amounts you can claim.

Assets must be in the wallet that $BALDS will be sent to at the time of distribution.


Vagobond Magazine — 5 million per

Izita Bears — 5 million per — 5 million per

Bloot Poot — 5 million per

Alpha Computer Mind NFTs — 5 million per

PornographicArt — 5 million per

Holy Bjble CoA v.0.1 — 5 million per

NFT Books by CD including ReadMe Books, Rough Living, WIP Publishing, READL, Sly Doubt of Uranus, Cocoo the Coconut, Ravencoin Assets, Digibyte Assets, or any other Literary NFT assets by me that might appear before the claim period is complete. — 10 million per

Bald Jesus assets on Eth or Polygon including Bald Jesus Collective, Bald Jesus Pirates, Bald Jesus by Vagobond* — 1 million per

  • The Council of Aiea Distribution was the $BALDS distribution for Bald Jesus assets on Wax, the majority of ETH/MATIC BJ assets and for previous versions of the Holy BJBLE

What can you do with $BALDS?

The future is unlimited and there are many ideas but what you will be able to do in February is to bid on and buy whatever OG Bald Jesus art remains in the Vagobond Magazine wallet at that time. There are pieces by some surprising people, well respected artists, and more. Keep in mind these are early 2021 NFTs of the first religion born on the blockchain. I feel confident that in 10 years time — these will be grails — if nothing else — they will have historical significance but the truth is — this is art by some amazing early adopters in the space. The pieces are all currently for sale and I hope a few of them sell to cover the gas expense of distributing these to you after you buy them with your $BALDS. The goal is to have these amazing and historic pieces of NFT art distributed widely within our community. I want you guys to have these. This is the best way to do this. It allows those who support the projects this community builds to reap the rewards.

If you would like to contribute towards that — we can also do OTC transactions at the rate of 1 million $BALDS for .01 ETH. Obviously your money is more efficiently spent on my books, Izita Bears, or — but if you just want to stack $BALDS — I want you to be able to.

There will be plenty more that you can do in the future with $BALDS.

So there you have it — I meant for this to be short — but this is what you get when you have a writer leading a community. Thanks for reading.

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