Vagobond Magazine: March 2023 : Volume 2, Issue 3

Featured Artist: Foodmasku Re+Fashion by Quanta Litspace by Cryptoversal Roving with Rionna Morgan The Page Dao Story by T. Dylan Daniel Book reviews by E.R. Donaldson, Rionna Morgan, CD Damitio, Cryptoversal, Quanta Sly Doubt – Chapter 11 by CD Damitio Web3 Tech by Olivia Rodriguez Illustration by Nikola Petrovic

CD Damitio, Cryptoversal, Rionna Morgan, Quanta, Olivia Rodriguez, Foodmasku, E.R. Donaldson

Available on:

Polygon – Matic – READL

Polygon ETH – ReadMe Books

Tezos – OBJKT

Wax – Atomic Hub

Internet Archive (Web 1) 

Kindle (Web2)

IPFS (Web 3)

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