Contributors: CD Damitio, Rionna Morgan, Cryptoversal Books, Quanta, Olivia Rodriguez, Dylan Merz, Marc Moglen, Joshua Larson, Odd Writings, Yon

In this issue: Featured Cover Artist: Yon, founder of the Peaceful Groupies, an NFT-NYC Look Book, Litspace, Music in Web3 with Marc Moglen, Roving with Rionna, new fiction by Schemata Obscura, Horoscopes for Degens, the Baldism Pages, and the conclusion of Sly Doubt of Uranus by CD. Also – the ad in this issue has a QR that will get you to the allowlist for CD’s forthcoming blockchain book, Notes from Nowhere.

Available as an NFT from ReadMe Books (Polygon .06 ETH)

Buy on Objkt with Tezos (9.99 $XTZ)

Readl $MATIC 1 $MATIC!


Wax $WAXP  9.99 $WAXP

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