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May 12, 2022

In This Issue:

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Travel & Food NFT Beat

Vagobond’s Recent NFT Acquisitions

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NFT Religion from Bald Jesus

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Aloha Frens & GM,

Ouch. That pretty much sums up these times.

One thing about crypto (and NFTs) is that what goes up, also comes down.  These past few days are proof of that. No one knows how far things will go and you have to acknowledge that any project can go to zero and never recover.

Moral of the story – be prepared for 100% loss in anything you invest in. People always say, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose – but that ideology is one that comes from those who have money to lose. For the majority of the world – we can’t afford to lose anything but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take our shot. Be prepared to lose it all – but take your shot and don’t blame anyone but yourself. It’s not an easy road to walk. I freely admit – I blame some shithead founders and decision makers for my biggest losses and they still hurt. ICP and their shitshow of a launch that used fans as exit liquidity for early investors. Wonderland TIME/MEMO and those shitheads Daniela and Sifu pulling so much shit. Yes, I blame them for my painful losses – but ultimately, I’m the one who invested and believed – so I’m the one responsible. The 2018-2020 bear market was another one – yes, I blamed countries and banks and fucked up policies – but I was the one who invested. I was also the decision maker who didn’t sell and take a loss and who ended up winning when the market turned. I own my losses and I own my victories. You can’t just do one. It has to be both.

We could be in this for weeks, months, or years – only the market knows. I like these low prices and I’ve started DCAing into a few things. Personally, I like AVAX, SOL, and APE at these levels. I think BTC and ETH have a ways to go down further. It could all turn around and skyrocket to the moon though. If I find some extra cash anywhere – I’m likely going to increase my positions in DOGE, ATOM, FIL, and ICP (yes ICP…lol) but just tiny bits as they go down. This is not financial advice – it’s just what I’m doing.

As to NFTs – I expect prices on everything to drop a lot more before they go back up. I’m staying in the projects I have conviction in Pixel Vault, Huxley, Yuga Labs, 10KTF, Jenkins – and will continue to participate in those ecosystems. I’m also not selling anything for a loss – nothing. Maybe at the end of the year, I’ll harvest some tax losses.

Finally, it is NFT Travel Thursday – but there is no movement in that space at all today. People are reeling from Terra/LUNA/UST and Azuki – not to mention the soul crushing drops in portfolio value. No one is really looking at the NFT travel space right now. Although VeeCon is happening as we speak.

Try to keep this in mind – unless you are playing with leverage – your investments can’t go below zero. To me, that is comforting. Be safe out there and don’t be stupid!

CD Vagobond



Travel NFT Projects (& Food!)

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Updated Thursdays – See latest at

News and Info on Travel NFTs

SuperLocal NFT gated travel app where users can mint locations as NFTs. SuperLocal is available in App Stores now. I highly recommend it. Also – when you download it follow me – Username: CD Vagobond. First $LOCAL airdrop is coming soon.

  • Local Trotter NFTs are still available to mint – floor .02 ETH  and art is revealed now Mayorship NFTs are mintable and have a floor of .55 ETH but with no real volume. Super Early Access NFTs now have a floor of less than .01 – not sure why.
  • This is a real company with a real product and a huge and growing community. This is my strongest conviction bet in the travel NFT world. There is a strong userbase and active community on the app as well as in the Discord.


No recent significant updates on projects below:

Note:  I highly recommend that anyone who is considering investing in these or any NFT project do their own due diligence and research. Listing travel NFTs here is a way to keep track of the space and by no means is any sort of investment advice or recommendation. DYOR! NFA!

Travel Tokens by Drew Binsky – – Drew created Travel Tokens as a way to bring together his community of 10 Million and celebrate the beauty of our world! It’s the first-ever travel-focused NFT collection that represents ALL 197 countries. The collection is split into 3 rarity’s; | 348 Common | 58 Golden Rare | 14 Platinum Rare

  • Whitelist Registration has opened:
  • WL mint price will reportedly be .07 and public .09.
  • Benefits: Travel hacking course for free ($250 value)! | 60% of all proceeds going to numerous charities! | Guaranteed a Free NFT in Drew’s 2nd NFT collection! | Possibility of winning a free RTW trip with Drew | Get random FaceTime calls with Drew if you have a Platinum rare token | Attend Drew’s annual secret event (i.e. yacht party)


Satoshi Island  A real private island dedicated to the crypto community. The island is already owned by our company and located in Vanuatu, tucked between Australia and Fiji.


Elysium Twitter: @elysiumclubnft  Instragram: @elysiumclubnft Youtube Channel – OS –

  • I’m still unsure about this. I want to believe, but then, I want to believe in every aspirational project.I spent way more than I should have to buy into the ecosystem – which may end up being a good decision – but the floor seems to hover between .25 and .33 and there is very little activity from the team in terms of announcements – which could mean they are working hard on the back end…I hope.
  • 8 apartments in various cities around the world – but users can book them for free (2 nights per NFT)
  • I think they are working hard to make amazing things happen – but it does have a lot of the feel of ‘If it feels too good to be true, it probably is’ so buyer beware.
  • AMA #17 Recording (yesterday)


The Zo World – This one is hard to get my head around, seems to aspire to be part Couchsurfing and part travel desk. From the makers of @ZostelHostel the largest backpacking hostel chain

  • Currently minting at 516 mints out of 10001 at a mint price of .08 ETH. Floor is at 5 ETH. Holders are Diamond Handed. They are minting but it’s a slow roll
  • The community is really engaged, the Discord is fun.
  • Started a travel concierge service for founders this week. Had a great call with my personal travel concierge – I could really see the Zo World taking off


Travel Toucans  – These guys do a weekly Twitter Space focused on travel NFTs on Wednesdays – worth checking out Travel Toucans is turning into a really useful travel community of people who help each other out with information and suggestions.

  • Several tourist guides have been shared along with some good travel community interactions on the Discord. Regularly hold $25 giveaway for holders. – Reimagining a better travel industry


FlyCoin – a crypto based travel rewards program – | | a token that rewards you for traveling | Twitter @Holidao_io

  • Describes itself as “The next evolution in IRL NFT Utility”   Island Resort Membership. Fiji Based. Resort owners, doxxed team, but expensive – I mean they want to actually buy a Fiji resort, so that makes sense. Worth having a look at this website. It’s more than I’m willing to spend (lowest tier .35 Eth) but it is a neat project with a lot of potential. 
  • HOLIDAO is a real estate ecosystem comprising 8,000 NFT’s which will fund the purchase of an existing operational resort in Fiji.


NCL – Norwegian Cruise Line has launched their NFT collection

  •  Auction continues for NFT that grants stateroom on inaugural voyage of new ships  Currently $3k


CABIN This is one of the coolest projects I’ve recently come across. “Our vision is to build a decentralized city for creators.Cabin is an experiment in the future of cities: decentralized physical nodes tied together by a shared culture, economy, and governance structure.”


Travala Travel Tigers – Minting now for WhiteList – these guys are the OGs of paying for travel with crypto. Their initial foray into NFTs is expensive and will probably sell out before reaching the public sale – but offers some amazing benefits.

  • 1000 tokens sold (773 owners) with a floor now at 3(range has been 2.99 – 5 ETH since I began watching, nice volume)  The benefits are pretty astounding – but still not sure if worth the cost.


We Wander NFT | Twitter: @WeWanderNFT

  • Travel-inspired NFTs, generated from hand-drawn elements by travel blogger Anna Faustino and stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. We want to help bridge IRL (in real life) travel experiences into Web3 and the Metaverse.


Lucky Ape Travel Club | Twitter: @luckyapeclub | OS:

  • 1 ETH mint price is way more than I am willing to pay, founders appear to be anon
  • Some activity in Discord and on Twitter, mint is currently open, 708 pieces held by 62 owners, floor of .999 right below mint price. I’m staying away from this one.


NFTstayy  “First and only travel agency serves on Web3 and metaverse . Only travel agency accummulate income for own NFT collectors.”

  • NFTs that you can purchase with credit card or wire transfer but not clear what you get, what chain they are on, or anything else. On the one hand, the site/project is progressing – but I’m still not sure exactly what it is.
  • Link to OpenSea leads nowhere, link to Discord is expired – I’ll keep watching but that’s all unless some clarity emerges.
  • Anon team.


PNFT – Cayman’s Paradise NFT Club  – This is a new and novel approach to using NFTs to get discounts and invigorate travel in the Cayman Islands.

  • 3.2 k minted by 116 owners with a. floor of .06 and a volume of .24 ETH total – no change.
  • If I were taking a trip to the Cayman’s, I would probably mint one of these.



  • 434 minted by 235 owners. Floor range has been .15-.35, currently .25 with little volume. Only 4 out of 435 for sale.
  • Minting is closed.
  • Founders announced first leases are signed
  • Doxxed team, interesting roadmap


The Residence DAO The Residence DAO is reshaping the way people experience the world by building a portfolio of properties that NFT holders can access

  • The website says minting is live, but aside from that, I can’t tell much more. Twitter has gone dormant. No OpenSea assets that I can find. Ah…from the Discord:

“Thank you again to everyone who has supported us so far. For those of you who have missed prior announcements, we have decided to refund existing holders, improve the project and relaunch in the near future. Shortly after this announcement, holders will be refunded the FULL mint price (.305 for Miami; 1.25 for Global)! Holders will not need to take any additional measures on their end; we took a snapshot of existing holders a short while ago. Moving forward, do not purchase any TRD NFTs on OpenSea. Metadata will be wiped from existing NFTs.”

  • Anon team, probably would avoid anything to do with this unless I start seeing a doxxed team.


NFT Booking – Book all of your travel with $BOOK – Aspires to be the AirBnB of NFT/crypto travel

  • No updates or announcements in Discord
  • This is more of a crypto project $BK – but seems more aspirational than useful
  • No team mentioned on site, I didn’t bother reading the white paper based on discord, site, and twitter activity


Lynkey – Luxury Resorts and Travel powered by Blockchain and NFTs.

  • This feels more like a crypto travel desk with an NFT project tacked on.
  • 1 billion Lynkey Tokens, with ~3800 wallets
  • It’s interesting and worth continuing to watch


Wanderlust Finance

  • I love all the roadmap stuff here, but this seems to be a token that is promising a bunch of really cool stuff but that so far has dead links to the App Store, dead links to the minter, etc. I really want this to be what they are promising – but so far, it’s a roadmap and a token.
  • Wanderlust is a Tech company developing an all in one blockchain companion application that allows users to pay for travel accommodations and experiences through a native decentralized Asset.
  • Partially doxxed team, no real difference from last week to this week on the site that I can discern.
  • While the twitter says that staking is live, I can’t seem to find a token contract or listed token.


Nomadz I won a whitelist for this project through Travel Toucans, I’m not sure I’ll use it. Friendly engaged Discord community but I’m not even really sure what they are trying to do. No website and no real laid out agenda or goals.

  • Nomadz is a collection of 10 000 neo-adventurers. Owning a Nomadz NFT gives you access to a lost map with outdoor challenges. Those that prove worthy will be lead to a secret treasure! Seasonal Adventures are a set of 5 geographically-neutral seasonal adventures leading-up to rare treasure NFT artwork from selected travel photographers! Access to our 5-day Nomad Labs festival (travel documentary film festival, music festival, NFT travel photography exhibitions, workshops and lectures) Access to funding for adventures and creative travel-related projects. Access to live workshops led by some of the biggest names in the NFT photography landscape. Hidden goodies…


Project FOMO – a unique collection of NFTs designed to give its holders access to once-in-a-lifetime luxury travel getaways to its members. The team is working in tandem with global governments to reinvest a portion of their NFT sales back into these travel based economies.


Fanverse – a multi-chain NFT marketplace that blends fans, community, blockchain, and NFT technology, creating a new era of luxury and digital entertainment that is powered by web3 offering carefully vetted luxury focused NFT’s collections and exclusive access to once in a lifetime experiences.


LiveRichMedia is transforming tourism in the post-Covid economy. Comprised of a team of high-profile content creators with millions of combined followers, LiveRichMedia produces and curates viral content for clients. The team combines its extensive social media reach with the exclusivity of luxury destinations to create breathtaking content that captures billions and encourages followers to travel to high-end destinations all over the world.


Travel Photography Collections

This section will grow over time

Where My Vans Go

Atomic Photography

Where My Vanagon Goes– I launched my 33 piece collection earlier this week. I was formerly one of the top rated tour guides on the island of Oahu and each NFT in this collection, allows the owner to book a tour with me in my Vanagon (named 3V or #V Wonder) – terms are that me and Vanagon have to be present and operational – so it’s a little informal but considering that my tours were generally $500-$1300 when I was doing them – there is some serious value in buying one of these for .01 ETH and it is the only way to book a tour with me in Hawaii. Plus – this really is a love letter to both Oahu and Vanagon’s so it’s a pretty cool piece to own. 



Beautiful Cities of the World



Food & Beverage NFTs:

This is such a huge category it really should be a separate beat. I’ll work on that.

Rare Pizzas / Pizza Dao

  • It all started with Laszlo, 10k Bitcoin, and two pizzas. Now, 11 years later, pizzaDAO is throwing a global pizza party in his honor. 
  • On Bitcoin Pizza Day in 2021, we spent over $300,000 at more than 300 pizzerias in over 60 countries to throw the World Largest Pizza Party Ever.
  • Our mission: Pizza, the formation of Spaceship Earth’s largest pizzaiolo community, the digitization of all the world’s pizza knowledge, and the creation of the open source francheese Open Pizza!


Bored Breakfast ClubCoffee delivered by virtue of owning this NFT. No shipping costs. Great coffee.


Maison Moon – Maison Moon is a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated premium whisky bottles that will age on the blockchain before reaching your home. As a token holder, you will be able to claim your physical bottle once the final finishing period is over. Your token will also double as a Maison Moon membership that will give you access to fine spirits private sales, exciting air drops and more..

TV Foodmaps – Can TV Foodmaps translate a successful website into a successful NFT?

Flyfish Club Gary Vee and Partners NFT club sushi restaurant in NYC

Floor for these is around 2.75 Eth with 1.3k owners (down from 5 ETH )

  • Flyfish Club (FFC) is the world’s first member’s only private dining club where membership is purchased on the blockchain as a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) and owned by the token-holder to gain access to our restaurant and various culinary, cultural and social experiences.


Delectibles by FoodMasku – One man’s quest to make masks from the food he eats

Vagobond’s Recent NFT Acquisitions

I’m being picky about minting these days unless it’s either free & gasless or an essential part of a collection I already hold. I feel like pfps and generative 10k collections have come as far as they can and now it’s the established winners in this space that will give us something new. At this point, it’s safe to assume that every new project is either a rug or a future failure. There are just too many unknowns and too many scams. Blue chip projects and solid teams are the safest bet.


  • Nothing new purchased since last update.



News & Alpha

  • *Project News* Gutter Cat Gang’s ‘Dog Juice’ will allow Dog Cloning today
  • *Project News*  $LIT getting ready for Project 3. Holding previous LIT NFTS is beneficial.
  • *Alpha* – Nuclear Nerds is dropping their first comic to NN holders this Friday.
  • Revolt to Earn – First official CultDao Ecosystem Token coming in June
  • *Airdrop* – DYOR and use a safe wallet! This has not been tested by me but some users have reported getting large airdrops that converted to ETH with no issues:
  • *Airdrop* – DYOR! Check airdrop eligibility for Optimism here, gonna be one of the best airdrops this year More info here


  • **Sub-Alpha** I published several days of the Vagobond Morning Briefing as NFTs through ReadMe Books. Three copies of each as a way to explore the creation of Vagobond Magazine. I will no longer be publishing the VMB as NFTs – but each Friday will be publishing Vagobond Magazine. Here are the links to those genesis pieces.


The First NFT/Metaverse Religion- Bald Jesusism 

Upcoming Holidays

The holidays of Bald Jesusism are meant to be fun and healthy for you and your fam. Enjoy them!

Bitcoin Pizza Day – May 22nd is the day the first official transaction with Bitcoin took place. Two large pizzas for 10,000 BTC. We celebrate these very expensive pies by eating pizza and buying pizza for others. This is a great day to buy an extra pizza and give it to someone who doesn’t have one. | Bald Jesus Twitter | Holy Bjble Twitter – Minting Now!- for Bald Jesus Drinking Club

.04 ETH limited to 777 total

Holy Bjble – AB version – Readable on OS! Only .001 ETH on Polygon so no gas

Bald Jesus is Your Bro! Don’t Be a Dick

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