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May 11, 2022

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Music NFT Beat with Angel Blue

Vagobond’s Recent NFT Acquisitions

NFT & Crypto Alerts, Alpha, News, & Headlines

NFT Religion from Bald Jesus

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Aloha Frens & GM,

Well, market conditions suck. Seems like I alone don’t care. Don’t get me wrong – I feel for all the people watching losses – I’m watching them too and feeling them – but I’ve chosen not to care. The 2017-18 cycle taught me a few things I’d love to share:

  • Doxxed builders with good ideas keep building
  • Innovation comes when you least expect it
  • Staying in the space gives you more opportunity than leaving it
  • Things will either disappear or continue

It may all sound pithy – but it’s not. Those are serious lessons that have informed my ability to not give too much of a fuck about this bear market we are in. I mean hey, none of the stuff happening is the end of the world and if it ends up being – you won’t be thinking about it too much anyway.

Pixel Vault had their One Year Birthday and a big Town Hall this morning. Aside from a POAP, there wasn’t really any huge reason to listen. It sounds like Metaheroes are going to be rebranded, there is some serious unique utility coming with sidekicks and something called DOTS – and the third Punks Comic will be the last major comics release.

Honestly, I’m more excited about the announcement of $LIT’s Project 3. Even though that is pretty vague too. Huxley redemption is coming soon for Human Avatars (will be 3000) and the 10KTF game should be launching soon. Adidas ITM is extending their redemption period until 18 May. One of my favorite projects Moons of Mars is rebranding itself as Filthy Habbits – which I don’t really know how to feel about.

Finally, my friend Dylan at PageDao kept pushing me to get set up on – I finally did and he was right. It’s an awesome way to connect and display identity online. I’ve set mine up and will be publishing these little notes from the editor as individual NFTs for those who want them. Free of charge.

CD Vagobond



Music NFT Beat

GM gm my frens hope your Wednesday is going amazing. This weeks Music NFT Beats feature is the incredible Bitwax Records. A dance music record label established in the Web 3 world.


Rory, who runs Bitwax, first got into crypto early. Since then he has combined his love for business, Vinyl records, djing, NFTs and more into what his new passion project: Bitwax.


Bitwax was founded in july of 2019 as a vinyl distributor, importing vinyl from Europe and exporting globally. Orginally setup accepting cryptocurrency for vinyl records but has since transitioned into a Web3/NFT based record label as of 2021. 


“A year from now I see Bitwax as an established record label and community hub for dance music in the NFT space. We aim to be a financial aid for artists, alongside having a pre built community so they can devolpe an audience in the Web3 sector instantly.


The music we release will be distributed  for free on every web2 platform including bandcamp, SoundCloud, Bittorrent, Zippyshare umong others. People will illegaly distribute and share the track without our permission as it is, so why don’t we give it away for free first. The further we can get our artists music across the internet, the more value the digital collectible (NFT) will have. That’s where we will make the money for our artists.


Our mission is simple. We will be the label that educates, finances and provides a home for collectors/producers of dance music in the NFT world. “A large part of my job is onboarding new musicians into the space safely, and consulting them daily is very labour intensive but worth every minute of it”


Alongside flipping the idea of a “Record Label” on its head Bitwax also has a goal of changing how we distribute exclusive content as music producers. Their first NFT drop (Bitwax Access All Areas) which is set to launch in 2022 will be giving exclusive access “Backstage” at Bitwax. More will be revealed later in the year.


The thread attached below is the About Us for Bitwax. Its a breif overview of how they will function as a label and the way they are helping change the way traditional record labels will operate in a web3 world.


Our mission is simple. We will be the label that educates, finances and provides a home for collectors/producers of dance music in the NFT world.


The thread attached  below is what Bitwax is about as a label and the way they are helping change the way record labels are right now.


Also having a weekly podcast on Music Nfts every week under the name algorithmicpod. In depth conversations with artists in the web 3 space and their journey into nfts.


I personally love what Bitwax Label is doing for the space. Showing how a record label can succeed peacefully in the space whilst empowering artists. Which as you know me by now it’s something phenomenal. I’ve always wanted to find a label within web 3 who can commit to support artists and their needs whilst educating them. 


In other news Warpsound have started rolling out #WVRPS honouraries for the community and this weeks first one was Mike Shinoda


The incredible art by Andy Poon infusing Mikes ziggurats into warpsound. A collab dream come true for me. Mike truly deserves it, when he’s spoken about warpsound before he has this excitement that draws everyone in. Me included. 


I’m also loving the genesis tour with warpsound and the beta testing in discord Warp Holders get access to. I say it once and I’ll say it again. Warpsound are pioneers in the space. 


0x Music have shared another beautiful community creation using 0XDJ Bach named My Neck, My Bach 

 0xmusic are also planning on something incredible during NFT NYC



The genesis tour with warpsound


Bitlectro Topical Tuesdays

Vagobond’s Recent NFT Acquisitions

I’m being picky about minting these days unless it’s either free & gasless or an essential part of a collection I already hold. I feel like pfps and generative 10k collections have come as far as they can and now it’s the established winners in this space that will give us something new. At this point, it’s safe to assume that every new project is either a rug or a future failure. There are just too many unknowns and too many scams. Blue chip projects and solid teams are the safest bet.

I used some of my loot from Danger Islands to finally buy a Howlerz and a Prey since I missed the drop. I also bought another Persona Lamp. There are exciting things coming with this project. It may go nowhere – but I have a feeling about it. I also have a feeling about these Howlerz – but it could be nothing.


News & Alpha

  • * ALPHA * – The Vagobond Discord is one of the best free alpha servers around. You might see it in this briefing, but you’ll definitely see it in the Alpha channel of our discord first
  • *GiveAway* – I’m giving away a copy of Issue #1 of Vagobond Magazine – I will pick the winner at approximately 4 pm HST today.

I’m going to be tokenizing and distributing my startup corporation to holders of Bald Jesus and Vagobond NFTs. Iwahai, Inc. is a Delaware C Corporation and the owner of VoiceMarkr which can be found in the the Apple and Android app stores. VoiceMarkr is a voice centered social media and communications platform which will be owned and developed further by the community – so if you want to be a part of it – you should join the Vagobond Discord ASAP.

Here are the app store versions that exist now:
The progressive web app lets you listen to markers but doesn’t give you the ability to make them like the phone apps do.
  • **Sub-Alpha** I published several days of the Vagobond Morning Briefing as NFTs through ReadMe Books. Three copies of each as a way to explore the creation of Vagobond Magazine. I will no longer be publishing the VMB as NFTs – but each Friday will be publishing Vagobond Magazine. Here are the links to those genesis pieces.


The First NFT/Metaverse Religion- Bald Jesusism 

Upcoming Holidays

The holidays of Bald Jesusism are meant to be fun and healthy for you and your fam. Enjoy them!

Bitcoin Pizza Day – May 22nd is the day the first official transaction with Bitcoin took place. Two large pizzas for 10,000 BTC. We celebrate these very expensive pies by eating pizza and buying pizza for others. This is a great day to buy an extra pizza and give it to someone who doesn’t have one. | Bald Jesus Twitter | Holy Bjble Twitter – Minting Now!- for Bald Jesus Drinking Club

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