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May 4, 2022

In This Issue:

From the Editor by Vagobond

Music NFT Beat with Angel Blue

Vagobond’s Recent NFT Acquisitions

NFT & Crypto Alerts, Alpha, News, & Headlines

NFT Religion from Bald Jesus

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Aloha Frens and May the Fourth Be With You,

I remember when I was 6 years old, my dad took us to go see Star Wars. We waited in a line that went all the way around the block in the old movie theatre in Big Bear Lake, California. That feeling of waiting was magical – but the movie itself – life changing. Sort of like that first time I read the Satoshi white paper – it just changed the trajectory of my life.

Lately, I am feeling really lucky to be able to go out and meet people who are in the Blockchain space. Last night I met a friend I’ve known for five years, but never met in real life. Think about that. And when we met – it was pretty much like meeting a friend you have known for five years. So cool. We already live in the metaverse – but most of us don’t know it yet. Today, I’m meeting up with a friend from high school – we haven’t seen each other in thirty years! And yet, we’ve kept up online since Facebook appeared back in ’05 or so. So, I don’t expect it will be like meeting up with a friend after 30 years – but just meeting up with a friend.

We live in an astounding world that is changing rapidly. So rapidly that we don’t see it because we are caught up in it and changing with it. I’ve argued in the past that Homo sapiens sapiens has already evolved into something new which I call Homo sapiens connecticus. To me that makes perfect sense and I think that neuro-diversity plays a part in that. The force is real, my friends, and it is shaping us. May the 4th Be With You.

CD Vagobond


P.S. Today would have been the 66th Birthday of Hal Finney. None of us would be here without him – some say he was Satoshi, but at the very least he was the first recipient of a BTC transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto – personally, I think of him more as Obi Wan Kanobi.

Music NFT Beat


Gm gm my frens hope you are feeling amazing this week.


I’m here to bring you this weeks Music NFT Beat. 


This weeks feature is a beautiful project who I love so much and it’s a very fun innovative project called B00nkbots


A boonk is another word for a beat. Their proprietary boonks are also 16 bars of generatively created dance music. Boonkbots are based on 24 x 24 x 24 pixelated models. 


Each record is released under a CC0 license. No rights reserved. Free to download, free to use, free to edit. With 25% of proceeds going to charity emissions will be offset x 2


The team behind the project are Jonas and Ceel. Both DJS who toured the world but due to different lives and family commitments they couldn’t tour as much so they looked into other careers. At the beginning of the pandemic Jonas showed Ceel crypto. Together in 2020 they created their first Music NFT on Rarible. Ceel liked the look of art blocks and wanted to do something similar as he’s a data scientist also wanting the music to be fun. Ceel had fun playing with 3D art in the pandemic and created this adorable pixelated bots with music and sounds feeling nostalgic of 80s video games. We talked a bit about irl and metaverse gigs and what they would prefer. Having spoken about it before, they want eventually to do both such as what Warpsound are doing right now. The pandemic kinda showed that you can’t go to shows every day but with the metaverse it’s easier to do so. With warpsound they had irl events with their ai artists but we at home could control it aswell. There is room for improvement with experimentation of both but it can be done. Notably B00nkbots are currently doing a megaverse tour which is amazing and will be joining Warpsound for a stop. 



I feel metaverse gigs will do well because the artist is back in control. As Ceel mentioned with metaverse gigs it’s promote your art by touring and then monetize whereas irl events it’s the other way around. Their community is small and tight knit. That all share their love of dance music. It’s a one of kind project with their community buying because it’s cool and to Ceel that is the best compliment. 


I absolutely love B00nkbots. Every project I have as a main feature are projects I’ve done a lot of research on, are frens or I’ve discovered through frens. And I always encourage everyone to DYOR.

In other amazing news, Warpsound gave their holders a chance to appear on Times Square with their WVRPS and I’m truly blessed to have been one of 33 to be chosen 

I entered the space a year ago and my life has changed in more ways then one and it’s incredible. I am forever grateful to Warpsound for everything. 


A talented community member created a gorgeous track called If Time Run Out Today using two seperate songs from 0XDJ Bach 384. Check this stunning piece out from @boopbabble


Also if you are feeling nostalgic and need tracks from remind you of vacations from childhood Griffter has some of his genesis collection available on our Zora


Events this Week

Warpsound Genesis Tour with HeartNFTs today 


Bitlectro Labs – Topical Tuesdays


Rug Radio Wvrpd Monday

Until next week frens Stay safe and keep vibing LFGGG


Vagobond’s Recent NFT Acquisitions

I’m being picky about minting these days unless it’s either free & gasless or an essential part of a collection I already hold. I feel like pfps and generative 10k collections have come as far as they can and now it’s the established winners in this space that will give us something new. Possibly like what BAYC is doing with $APE or BYO is doing with their universe. I don’t know – but I’m watching for it and looking for opportunities to either take profits or increase my stake in projects that I think might bring about the next wave of innovation. At this point, it’s safe to assume that every new project is either a rug or a future failure. There are just too many unknowns and too many scams. Blue chip projects and solid teams are the safest bet – but even something like BAYC has an uncertain future in a space that has only developed over the past year.

Yesterday – I grabbed a couple of literary pieces that I wanted. I really do think the future of publishing is on the blockchain – so holding these is a way to hopefully profit from that in the future. None of these are ‘first’ of their kind – even if they claim to be – but they are biggest first of their kinds and even though the prices are far from all time highs right now – I expect that they will see new all time highs in the future as a result of that. Plus, and I’ll be honest here – these appeal to the collector in me.

News & Alpha

  • * ALPHA * – The Vagobond Discord is one of the best free alpha servers around. You might see it in this briefing, but you’ll definitely see it in the Alpha channel of our discord first.

  • Hester Pierce is against SEC’s Crypto Enforcement (CoinDesk)
  • Huxley Comics are having their #2 Burn Event for Human Avatar tokens. One of the most complex systems out there, but IMO one of the ecosystems that has the most potential to go completely global in scale. Don’t just ape in – do some research, but my advice is to find a way to be active in Huxley – this has huge potential future.

  • There is also something big coming from 10KTF in a few days. No one seems to know what it is, but it’s been building towards a crescendo for a while now. Watch for it.
  • Danger Islands/Lazer Labs game is being played. First monster battle happening now. This project really deserves so much more attention than it gets.

I’m going to be tokenizing and distributing my startup corporation to holders of Bald Jesus and Vagobond NFTs. Iwahai, Inc. is a Delaware C Corporation and the owner of VoiceMarkr which can be found in the the Apple and Android app stores. VoiceMarkr is a voice centered social media and communications platform which will be owned and developed further by the community – so if you want to be a part of it – you should join the Vagobond Discord ASAP.

Here are the app store versions that exist now:
The progressive web app lets you listen to markers but doesn’t give you the ability to make them like the phone apps do.
  • I published several days of the Vagobond Morning Briefing as NFTs through ReadMe Books. Three copies of each as a way to explore the creation of Vagobond Magazine. I will no longer be publishing the VMB as NFTs – but each Friday will be publishing Vagobond Magazine. Here are the links to those genesis pieces.


The First NFT/Metaverse Religion- Bald Jesusism 

Upcoming Holidays

The holidays of Bald Jesusism are meant to be fun and healthy for you and your fam. Enjoy them!

Bitcoin Pizza Day – May 22nd is the day the first official transaction with Bitcoin took place. Two large pizzas for 10,000 BTC. We celebrate these very expensive pies by eating pizza and buying pizza for others. This is a great day to buy an extra pizza and give it to someone who doesn’t have one. | Bald Jesus Twitter | Holy Bjble Twitter – Minting Now!- for Bald Jesus Drinking Club

.04 ETH limited to 777 total

Holy Bjble – AB version – Readable on OS! Only .001 ETH on Polygon so no gas

Bald Jesus is Your Bro! Don’t Be a Dick

I feel pretty blessed to have gotten a piece of Otherside land. I don’t plan on selling it and as long as I own it – I plan on it being the Otherside Temple of Bald Jesus. Now look, if this becomes life changing money and I can improve my family’s situation or something like that – I’m selling it – but until that day (and if that day) this will be the Metaverse HQ for the Bald Jesus fam. Also, since it’s a pretty clear Mutant piece and the Blootiness of it can’t be denied – it’s definitely a home for all BJs, Blooters, and Mutants. Bald Jesus is your bro. Don’t be a dick! And hey – check out the phallic symbols on this mf! – CD


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