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GM frens,
As most of you already know – I am living the new metaverse religion/philosophy of Bald Jesusism for a year (as they say in the software industry, eating my own dog food) and a part of that is letting you know how it’s going or what is happening. One of the 10 commandments in the Holy Bjble is to walk every day – new research out yesterday said that doing so will add years to your life and significantly lower your risk of dementia when you are older. This stuff works – and it’s fun. There are several holidays coming up in March for Bald Jesii – all of which you should take the day off of any unenjoyable employment for.
I’m letting you know so you can make appropriate plans. The March full moon is the ‘Sugar Moon’ on this day (March 17th in Hawaii) we share sweet treats with kids and the people we love and also – take the day off work if you can. Enjoy yourself. March 14th is world Pi Day. On this day we celebrate math and eat pie. Sharing pie with math lovers is a very Bald Jesus thing to do. If you are baking pies, cut the pi symbol in the top of your pie! The big one for March though is Garden Day aka Spring Equinox – Generally around March 21st. Do some gardening, get outside, feel the soil under your bare feet. Review your goals and aspirations for the year. Meditate on happiness. Gather with friends.
As with all things in Bald Jesusism – set the volume to your inner self on the loudest level.
~CD Vagobond


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  • Physical Claim for Punks Comic #1 will open up this week (Pixel Vault)
  • Punks Comic Mint Pass #2 launch will be coming in the next few weeks (Pixel Vault)
  • BYO releasing BYO Ships on 3/10

Music NFT Beat

Updated Wednesdays by Angel Blue – See latest at


Hi! Angel Blue here bringing to you the Music NFT beat!

This week in music NFTs, Warpsound announced their remix collaboration with Audius with a total of 9 Judges including PVRIS, Von Mises, Young Guru and many more (some that have yet to be announced). You can use your own stems or use some of Warpsounds. Another amazing roadmap item. Once again Warpsound delivering to the community. 


  • created by Brandon Tory, announced they received a grant from the Polygon Ecosystem DAO to launch their decentralized distribution protocol and platform SHARE. SHARE is a protocol that enables creators to make orders of magnitude more money for their digital content by eliminating the dependence on centralized streaming machines (for example Apple,Spotify and YouTube). This is a massive step in the Music NFT space, as we know artists get less than a penny for what they are creating. We all appreciate what Brandon is bringing to Music NFTs and web 3 to help empower musicians. | |


  • Deathbats club the project lead by M.Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold launched their new website and features like tablet/wallet redemptions and gamification are coming soon. Love seeing bands and artists are grew up with helping mould the way music will be for the future 


  • 3Q have introduced a very Rare composer Ed cube to their collection. 3Q is a project of 3D animated, Audio driven, Generative NFT collectibles. the first project of its kind, each 3Q collectible acts as your key to the 3Q ecosystem in which music,design and innovation beat a path towards connectivity,scarcity and reward. The roadmap on their website is incredible, there is 6 rarities common,uncommon,rare,very rare,legendary,ultimate. It truly is a beautiful art project. |


  • A new project to keep an eye out for is Phonons by Kor3design = 1 song , 7 collectible stems, each capable of 5 interchangeable variants.  Released on Async Art


  • Triptclip love just released Track Pool- a place where you can submit your tracks for their visual artists to pick up and create something epic.I myself as a musician will look into creating something like this. Really enjoy what they do 



Bitlectro Labs Topical Tuesday Spaces

 Rug Radio WVPRd Music Mondays

Vagobond’s New Acquisitions

You can find my NFT buying methodology and more at

  • I’m not buying anything at the moment while I attempt to mentally chart where the NFT market and world is going. My focus is currently on the projects I already own with an emphasis on Music, Travel, and Literary NFTs. That being said – I will probably be getting some free project drops from time to time or adding to my holdings of ecosystems I’m currently in.
  • Pepapes #37 (free drop)

My Chip List Top 5’s Today

(Feel free to disagree) – this list will change daily based on my own hype and holdings. To get the latest news on all of these and my more permanent lists go to

Blue Chips

  2. Pixel Vault/Punks Comic/Metahero
  3. On Chain Monkeys
  4. BYO
  5. Degen Toonz

Red Chips

  1. WVRPS
  2. Valiant Comics
  3. Peaceful Groupies
  4. Moons of Mars
  5. Influence Asteroids

White Chips

  1. Non-Fungible Heroes
  2. Danger Islands / Lazer Defi
  3. 2112
  4. Battle Maneki
  5. Satoshiverse

NFT & Metaverse Religion & Sprituality

The First NFT/Metaverse Religion- Bald Jesusism Bald Jesus – BJ is Your Bro | Bald Jesus Twitter | Holy Bjble Twitter – Minting Now!- for Bald Jesus Drinking Club

.05 ETH limited to 777 total

Holy Bjble – AB version – Readable on OS! Only .001 ETH on Polygon so no gas


Useful Info

I periodically move all of this to the NFT 101 page on


Moonlings – Metahero derivitive project by PVFD –

Art Heads


Evmos Punks


Great Projects I’m Not In or Following:

aka projects I missed and am salty about. There are too many – see the whole list at:

Missed in February: Generative Dungeons, Heroes, Mfers , Dented Feels


Tokens & Staking

These are the tokens and crypto/defi projects that NFTs have led me to. Bizarre when you think about it. See the full list at here

Cult Dao  | Manifesto


These are projects that I wanted to believe in that simply seem like they are dead. I bought into many of these instead of the winning projects above. Take that as a warning. I sincerely hope that they resurrect – but when I put them here, it means that I’ve stopped believing and looking. I hope to someday have a section at the top called ‘Resurrections’ for when projects in the Graveyard manage to rise up again. As time goes on, I have no doubt this will be the biggest section of this newsletter and I will let it keep growing so that those who care to look can understand that the majority of projects fail and investors lose money. Pick wisely, my friends, and good luck!

Newly Buried: See the huge full list at


Daily Features – Just click on the image to read the latest

Daily Features – Just click on the image to read the latest!

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