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1/20/2022 – Morning Edition

As always there is a lot happening in the NFT space and if I’ve missed anything or you would like to see something else covered – reach out to me via DMs on Twitter (@vagobond) or in the Vagobond Discord at


Google Inches Towards Crypto Adoption

Meta Bringing NFTs to Facebook and Instagram

Islamic Organization Issues Fatwa Banning Crypto Use, Bald Jesusism Requires It! (See below)

New Acquisitions

Moons of Mars Poster #4:


You can find my NFT buying methodology and more on the NFT 101 page on

Music Oriented NFTs (new section)

Warp Sound – Generative Art + AI composed music. Reveal either tonight or tomorrow.

Moons of Mars – Super interesting fashion/music facing game/story/project. – On-chain music studio. Create it, then mint it.

Spottie Wifi – The #1 DJ in the Metaverse

Tiki Festival – No New News

Bitlectro Labs/Dreamers/DreamLoops –

Food and Travel NFT Projects (new section)

SuperLocal – NFT gated travel app where users can mint locations as NFTs

The Miners Club – Supply locked at 4444. Floor price cratering. No news. No announcements.


Travel Toucans – Minting 2/22/22 –

Bald Jesus – 1st NFT/crypto native religion born in the Metaverse

– Bald Jesus is Your Bro

– Minting for Bald Jesus Drinking Club – .05 ETH

– Holy Bjble – AB version –

Pixel Vault/ Punks Comic/ Metahero $PUNKS/$POW

– Origin Story #1: Courtney – 5902 origin stories – PVFD holders snapshot prior to Feb 1 claim on a 1-to-1 basis with how many FD you own. Any that go unclaimed will open up to punks comic #1 and #2 until all are sold out.

– Adidas (into the metaverse) getting ready for first partner drop-

– Each planet holder will be eligible for sidekick claim. Sidekicks will be stakable. TBA

– Elite Apes Covers to be released using Metahero/Ape Token in early Feb – unique gamification of mint using a coin that has future utility. Available now on and OS.

– Free Planet Drop #3 will happen in February

– Physical comic will release soon – logistical issues with cases and covers holding it up

NFT Games

Cat and Mouse Game – Launched and sold out about a month ago but was quickly taken down due to gas errors in the contract. Much to their credit – devs fixed the issue and did not rug. Game restarted today.

Doctor Who, Worlds Apart P2E Game and NFT Marketplace – Founders Token sale continues (part 3 is well under way), tokens $1000 each. Gameplay continues in Beta among founders only.

Influence Asteroids Everything about the game:

Nifty League Degens – $NFTL New game: Tennis.

Raini Lords of Light – p2e game. Rumor has it that the beta game will launch in a few weeks. Already has great cross chain assets, card staking, and more.

Danger Islands / Lazer Defi – $xBMF token live and can earn by owning Lazer Soda, Bloot, or BlootMF. One of my favorite projects. Danger Islands game and land sale coming in 10 days.

World of Cryptoids. – Interesting game and concept.

Free $$$ – New platforms and tokens/ airdrops – – DYOR – Reportedly was live, then wasn’t. I’m watching but won’t rush in on this one. – another airdrop for those who have paid gas on Eth. No new news. DYOR.

Tokens incl. $TIME, $MEMO, $wMEMO, $OHM, $LOOKS, and other Tokens

– $TIME and $OHM prices continue downward. Devs and holders seem confident in future.

The 100M $BSGG airdrop has not happened yet.

$WTF – You can still claim here:

$LOOKS Token – Lots of competition coming, but Looks Rare platform is gaining traction and those daily rewards for staking are unmatched.

$GAS token – This team is doing some really interesting stuff with data and analytics. Listening to their Twitter space yesterday I heard the term DaaS for the first time. ‘DAO as a Service’. I’m holding my $SOS

$SOS token – Still going. Staking is in place.

Bored Apes/ Huxley / BYOverse

BAYC/MAYC – $APE token is coming. Mobile game competition scheduled to start today when they provide the download link in BAYC discord announcements. Register here:

Huxley – 1,000 unique Robot Avatars will be available Tuesday, January 25th! Time TBA

10KTF – $NTD token coming – No new news –

BYO – No new news

Literary NFTs

Nuclear Nerds – Create lore, engage in interactive storytelling and more.

Page Dao – $PAGE token is in play. Book minter is live.

Jenkins the Valet – No new news


Dead Handz – This is an interesting story oriented NFT I just learned about.

$LIT – No new news

Token Literary (agency) – interesting project that may well help shape the future of books in the NFTverse

Influencer Projects

Gary Vee Projects – Book Games givewaways scheduled for next week.

Rug Radio – Farokh project -No new news

Nate Alexander Projects – No new news, Arena battles continue.

Impact Theory / Tom Bileyu Projects – No new news.

Other Projects I Like – Fashion, Games, Comics

On Chain Monkeys – One of the most positive ‘do good’ projects out there.

Peace Void/ Peaceful Groupies – $PEACE token coming

Creature Toadz – Mashup of Creatures + Cryptoadz . $FLYZ token coming, an $OHM fork. homepage now live:

The Land Dao – A unique metaverse land development project. Smooth reveal yesterday. Team has announced they are getting to work on $RENT token

Non-Fungible Heroes/Bored Bananas – No New News

Two Bit Bears – No new news.

Bloot – Beanie has been officially banned from Bloot.

One Day Bae – Game coming.

MyPfpLand/Bloot Elves – No New News

Bulls on the Block/Bears on the Block – No New News

Satoshiverse – no new news

Peaceful Toadz – No new news.


Gnomenclature –

Metroverse –

Apex Wolves –

Hype Bears –

Look Labs –

Fishy Fam –

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