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1/19/2022 – Morning Edition

Feels like a slow day in the space. Take a breath but as always there is a lot happening in the NFT space even when it seems like there isn’t and if I’ve missed anything or you would like to see something else covered – reach out to me via DMs on Twitter (@vagobond) or in the Vagobond Discord at


– Astrology Charts beat Technical Analysis – LMAO

– Great thread on how to secure your NFTs

New Acquisitions and Watchlist

Syrup by Emily Pollack: Readme Books –


Metroverse –

Apex Wolves –

Hype Bears –

Look Labs –

Fishy Fam –


You can find my NFT buying methodology and moreon the NFT 101 page on

NFT Games

Doctor Who, Worlds Apart P2E Game and NFT Marketplace – Founders Token sale continues (part 3 is well under way), tokens $1000 each. Gameplay continues in Beta among founders only.

Influence Asteroids Everything about the game:

Nifty League Degens – $NFTL New game: Tennis.

Raini Lords of Light – p2e game. Rumor has it that the beta game will launch in a few weeks. Already has great cross chain assets, card staking, and more.

World of Cryptoids. – Interesting game and concept.

Free $$$ – New platforms and tokens/ airdrops – – Reported safe, but lots of red flags. I’ve been unable to claim so far. – another airdrop for those who have paid gas on Eth. No new news. DYOR.

Tokens incl. $TIME, $MEMO, $wMEMO, $OHM, $LOOKS, and other Tokens

– $TIME and $OHM prices continue downward. Devs and holders seem confident in future.

The 100M $BSGG airdrop has not happened yet.

$WTF – You can still claim here:

$LOOKS Token –

$GAS token –

$SOS token – Still going. Staking is in place.

Bored Apes/ Huxley / BYOverse

BAYC/MAYC – $APE token is coming. Mobile game competition is coming Jan 20th

Check mutations and find the ‘parent’ of your mutant

Huxley – 1,000 unique Robot Avatars will be available Tuesday, January 25th! Time TBA

10KTF – $NTD token coming – No new news –

BYO – No new news

Literary NFTs

Nuclear Nerds – Create lore, engage in interactive storytelling and more.

Page Dao – $PAGE token is in play. Book minter is live.

Jenkins the Valet – No new news

$LIT – No new news

Influencer Projects

Rug Radio – Farokh project -No new news

Nate Alexander Projects – No new news, Arena battles continue.

Gary Vee Projects – Book Games givewaways scheduled for next week.

Impact Theory / Tom Bileyu Projects – No new news.

Pixel Vault/ Punks Comic/ Metahero $PUNKS/$POW

– Pixel Vault Weekly Town Hall scheduled for 5 pm EST today

– Each planet holder will be eligible for sidekick claim. Sidekicks will be stakable. TBA

– Elite Apes Covers to be released using Metahero/Ape Token in early Feb – unique gamification of mint using a coin that has future utility. Available now on and OS.

Other Projects I Like – Fashion, Games, Comics

On Chain Monkeys – Floor pushing for 2 ETH.

Lazer Defi – $xBMF token live and can earn by owning Lazer Soda, Bloot, or BlootMF. One of my favorite projects. Danger Islands game and land sale coming in 10 days.

Peace Void/ Peaceful Groupies – $PEACE token coming

Creature Toadz – Mashup of Creatures + Cryptoadz . $FLYZ token coming, an $OHM fork. homepage now live:

Warp Sound – Generative Art + AI composed music. Reveal coming January 21st.

The Land Dao – A unique metaverse land development project. Smooth reveal yesterday. Team has announced they are getting to work on $RENT token

Moons of Mars – Super interesting fashion/music facing game/story/project.

Moons of Mars – Super interesting fashion/music facing game/story/project.

Non-Fungible Heroes/Bored Bananas – No New News

Two Bit Bears – No new news.

Bloot – Beanie has been officially banned from Bloot.

One Day Bae – Game coming.

MyPfpLand/Bloot Elves – No New News

Tiki Festival – No New News

Bulls on the Block/Bears on the Block – No New News

Satoshiverse – no new news

Peaceful Toadz – No new news.

The Miners Club – Supply locked at 4444. Floor price cratering. No news. No announcements. Possible rug.

Bald Jesus – First NFT/crypto native religion born in the Metaverse

– Bald Jesus is Your Bro

– Minting for Bald Jesus Drinking Club – .05 ETH

– Holy Bjble – AB version –

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