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My Bag of NFT Chips: Blue, Red, & White


These are my personal chip plays. Not everyone will agree with my chip designations. That’s fine.


Blue Chips


  • BAYC continues to be the powerhouse of the NFT world. The acquisition of CryptoPunks and Meebits, the launch of $APE, the upcoming land drop, the ongoing rush of partnerships and acquisitions (among them rumored Cool Cats and World of Women). Those of us who didn’t acquire an ape or three when we had the chance will always feel the ‘What if…?’ of that choice.
  • MAYC was the second chance that arose and I’ll never regret having taken it. I’ve resisted the urge to sell my MAYC multiple times and have entered it into partnerships and licensing agreements that may well be lucrative at some point in the future. Among them Jenkins, 10KTF (and Gucci), and a guest appearance in the Holy Bjble.

Pixel Vault Punks Comic/ Metahero $PUNKS/$POW

  • PV assets continue to under-perform
  • The upcoming Bloot comic has me nervous – PVFD & Bloot Holders can claim. Snapshot taken.
  • GFunk hasn’t made an appearance in a town hall in more than a month now
  • Physical Comic #1s are arriving
  • $PUNKS & $POW are down significantly from ATH with no impetus or reason being given for having them
  • PVFD DAO is up and running
  • Sidekicks reveal from MP2 date not announced yet
  • Planets hover near their lows
  • Metahero’s sit waiting for something to happen
  • The PinBaller Comic looks really good – derivative project

NFTs by $LIT –

  • LITtest party in LA will be on Thursday, March 31st from 7-10pm
  • TIME Magazine #1 dropped to Genesis holders (Vitalik Cover)
  • DAO formed and finding it’s legs
  • $LIT price down significantly from ATH but holding well at sustain level
  • Something is always coming from $LIT – always

On Chain Monkeys

BYO Pills BYOpills, BYOvape, BYOland, Apostles,

  • BYOships revealed
  • BYO continues to under hype and over deliver, you can be sure something is coming.

WVRPS The first hybrid generative pfps and so much more

  • WVRPS is spectacular and there is no community that has more enthusiasm and action
  • Lots of meetups, the party in Austin was THE PARTY to be at, and more to come
  • See our latest WED Music NFT roundup!

Jenkins the Valet –

  • Special Jake the Degen drop for holders revealed
  • We are definitely in the NFT doldrums right now – awaiting action from Jenkins

Huxley AAA Game, Movie, Series, Licensing innovation

  • Huxley seems to be trying to balance action with letting the community breathe
  • Robot floors are waaaaay down. Comic prices are lower.
  • Burn event to create ‘Human’ avatars is the next big thing coming


Red Chips

These are projects I think have the potential to become blue chip

Non Fungible Heroes / Gods

  • NFH and NFGods continue to be one of the projects that feels most under appreciated in the NFT world. It feels almost inevitable that at some point this will pop and NFH will jump above 1 ETH
  • Comic #1 launched
  • Lore Gallery added so users can add their pfp’s story
  • $LORE token coming
  • Games continue though I confess to not taking the time to play
  • Discord server is active and enthusiastic

Moons of Mars Rock n Roll, Fashion, Branding, Products

  • The Idols Turn Rivals game has launched
  • Not a whole lot of action at the moment
  • Pending some impetus for excitement, I’m moving MoM to my Red Chips

Peace Void/ Peaceful Groupies $PEACE token, PeaceDAO

  • The Groupies have been chilling. There will be a luncheon at NFT LA and hopefully a renewed sense of purpose and some details of future development.
  • Pending a real sense of purpose Peace Void is moved from Blue Chip to Red Chip

10KTF $NTD token. This is a cool and probably Beeple project.

  • The Gucci collab felt lackluster. Hopefully something more is coming from that and it wasn’t just a cash grab by Gucci and Wagmisan
  • Pending something wonderful – I’m moving 10KTF from Blue Chip to Red Chip

Valiant Comics

  • Weekly Twitter space 3pm PST on Friday “Alpha Friday”
  • The Punk Mambo reveal was lackluster
  • The Valiant team doesn’t seem to understand how to promote or create PR
  • My high hopes on Valiant are sitting close to disappointment right now, floors are pretty dismal

Genetic Chain

  • A wide variety of exciting pfp projects coming up here from known digital artists
  • Beautiful drop in the members lounge which is where those who stake their GC passes can collect rewards and drops
  • This team continues to deliver
  • ‘Crusties’ shrimp pfp project is forthcoming and generating a lot of excitement

Nuclear Nerds

  • Floors holding well
  • Community engaged
  • Merch store coming (yawn)

Nifty League

  • $5 Million VC investment announced
  • Players seem to be loving it still
  • $NFTL token down pretty significantly, floors down significantly from ATH
  • Comics 5 & 6 were claimable if criteria met, floors down on comics as well


White Chips

These are projects I love and support – but tbh, some of them may end up in the graveyard

2112 – Shadowrun meets NFTs. Lore rich project. 

  • High hopes but little to nothing happening
  • Moving from Red Chip to White Chip pending something exciting coming forth

Dead Heads |

  • I’m not sure why this project has never popped. They keep building and creating but the community feels tired.
  • Moving to White Chip and hoping that some energy gets found.


Danger Island/Lazer Labs/Lazer Soda

  • Name change to Lazer Labs
  • Danger Island mint completed.
  • Pirate pfp mint coming soon
  • I love this project but I don’t want to mint anymore without seeing some ROI from what I’ve already minted

Look Labs This is the latest Weed game.

  • There is a lot of reason to be enthusiastic about this, but I’m super cautious on it. Past results do not guarantee future returns and that seems to be what a lot of Wolf Game enthusiasts are banking on.
  • Buds are revealing, game pass and buds are stakeable
  • Green Fam.
  • I’m still not enthusiastic about this project and glad I sold the two green passes I did. I kept one and we will see what results – there have been a lot of promises made on this and it will be key to see how things are delivered.


  • This is the slowest burn project I’m involved in. I feel 99% certain they will deliver but the big question is whether they will deliver before what they are building becomes irrelevant

Lucky Maneki

  • I waver between throwing this into the graveyard or keeping it here. LM keeps building and communicating though, so I will keep it here. It one of only two projects that I’ve resurrected from my NFT Graveyard

Persona Lamps

  • There is so much potential here but it is such a crowded space.


  • OSF and Mando have completely revitalized this project as an alpha/education project in the NFT space and it has worked. Only the second project to be raised from my NFT Graveyard. I love being wrong in this sense.



The NFT / Crypto Graveyard

These are projects that I wanted to believe in that simply seem like they are dead. I bought into many of these instead of the winning projects above. Take that as a warning. I sincerely hope that they resurrect – but when I put them here, it means that I’ve stopped believing and looking. I hope to someday have a section at the top called ‘Resurrections’ for when projects in the Graveyard manage to rise up again. As time goes on, I have no doubt this will be the biggest section of this newsletter and I will let it keep growing so that those who care to look can understand that the majority of projects fail and investors lose money. Pick wisely, my friends, and good luck!

Newly Buried (March):

Rebels in Disguise – An experiment in storytelling. 

  • Lore being updated, various giveaways to holders

Rebel Planet Motor Club

  • Slow but steady progress on a big roadmap – IRL collector coins coming for holders

Creature Toadz Mashup of Creatures + Cryptoadz . $FLYZ

  • Not really sure what’s going on here at the moment, but still seems to be working.

Do Not Mint

  • This may be idiotic but it’s feeling like something
  • Also may be idiotic but I sold mine for a 4x profit to get liquidity

I’ve given up on the following projects – I hope they can resurrect, but I’m not hopeful.

Rue Arcana 

Pixel Glyphs

Spottie Wifi

Raini Lords of Light


Mighty Manateez


(Buried in February)

Tiki Festival –

I held on to hope as long as I could. Frenchie is still working, but I think this is a graveyard project now. Frenchie is iterating…

One Day Bae

This is a favorite project. It vibed with me just right. Nothing is happening now. I don’t want to move it to the graveyard – but I have to. Maybe it will resurrect. Game and roadmap delayed.

Heaven Computer

Female led, amazing art project. Godmin abides but there is nothing happening here.

Previously Buried: 

– $LUPX aka Lupecoin – we tried, we really did

– $BTCP – Bitcoin Private. It seemed like a perfect idea

– $MTC aka Docademic, Medical Token Currency – this was worth so much at one point, now nothing

cMyKatz – I really like the dev on this and the community rallied around him but it just didn’t happen, a combination of bad timing on market sentiment and high gas fees. I have cMyKatz, cMyGravez, and ZombieKatz – they are all worthless now.

Good Guys – One of the rare projects I drew a rare on. Dev got sick and it all just seems to have died.

Invariant Labs/Monkey Bets – I hold two full sets here. I hope it recovers but with the Beanie mess, just doesn’t seem very likely.

aiVatar – This project from Trey Ratcliffe was really cool. Totally unique. No one cared.

CubeVerse – An MIT program turned avatar that seemed cool but then just sort of fizzled. I have several and derivatives – worthless

Bear Market Bears and Doadz – I really really really want these to succeed. I love the art. Hamm is a cool guy that does cool stuff. It’s just that nothing happens with these and you can’t even give them away (but I won’t)

Hobo Beards – One of my all time favorite projects and communities. The devs are still working, still making things, still trying to resurrect – but for the moment, it’s in the graveyard.

The MTA/Metahelmet – I have no idea what happened here. Not a rug, but they just died on the vine.

Template – I was so excited to buy this one, so excited for the amazing innovation and ideas behind the project but it just seems to have gone nowhere

Madame Sofia’s Oracle of Wisdom – It seemed like such a good idea, but so quickly dropped to zero

– The Miners Club – Floor price cratering. No news. No announcements. Nothing since the mint. Bummer. Had high hopes for this one.

Arcade NFTs – These are so cool. Fully playable arcade games on OpenSea. Floor has dropped to zero (or below). RIP ToadRunnerz. I hope I’m premature on calling this one dead – it really deserves to resurrect.

Invaders –Neil Strauss loves them, arguably the most attractive artist in crypto, cool art and funny characteristics, fun community. Should have worked but just hasn’t. Missing something – but what?

The Awakening – This was an almost free comic book drop. Didn’t expect much. Community largely dead. Needs a good awakening itself.

Lofi Skylines – these and other stuff from Crown Ghoul were so cool, but that wasn’t enough I guess.

Emily Lazar’s September Monsters – this is a pretty cool female artist, music oriented NFT with some nice attachments of comic and music -but – it just go no traction.

Peaceful Toadz – No new news since mint. Fun art, but low effort follow through.

Lucky Maneki (Resurrected to White Chips– This project keeps working and trying but somehow has just never managed to take off. Seems like it is unlikely that it ever will.

– The Meta Reserve – Free mint (+ gas) of 1 GBP note (first 500)

Waiting on reveal. This might be a deadend project.

– MyPfpLand/Bloot Elves – No new news. It’s not looking like much is happening here. Hoping this turns around.

Degenz/Regenz (Resurrected to White Chips) – OSF and Mando have turned this project into an alpha and education group and it has worked. 

$TIME, $MEMO, $wMEMO prices have left many rekt. The 100M $BSGG airdrop has not happened yet. Wonderland is down 97.5% from ath several months ago. Seems an impossible task to ever recover.

– Cat and Mouse Game – So many issues. I’m expecting more issues.

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