Issue #9 of Vagobond Magazine just hit the stands – Available to Buy for .01 ETH


This issue of Vagobond Magazine brings our first year all together with new content from some of our regular contributing writers and also some powerful emerging voices in the Web3 Space.We ask if Bored Apes are Sexist, look at Metaverse Fashion, explore art as political farce, have psychic predictions from Mybal the Mutant MAYC, and look at the comeback story of the Tokyo Rebels. We also have updates on Web3 ideas, plus some fun surprises.

Contributors:  CD Vagobond, Rionna Morgan, Sylvie Bax, Quanta, Ti Webb, Jordon Grosso, Chandan, Mybal the Mystic MAYC and art by PokemonDundee


As always, you can read it for free right here, on IPFS, or on OpenSea whether you buy it or not.


View on IPFS:

Artist Spotlight: Pokemon Dundee
Mythic North Publishing
Metaverse Fashion
Are Bored Apes Sexist?
It’s the Community, Stupid
Hardware Wallet Safety
Tokyo Rebels
Art as Political Farce
Sly Doubt Chapter 8
Mybal’s 2023 Predictions


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