On Chain Monkey was a free mint. It was the first completely on-chain generative art project. They were cute and interesting and a community soon formed around them. The OCM community formation was much more intentional than most. Founder Bill Tsai wanted to create an NFT project where holders could ‘Do Well while Doing Good’. Building the community around the core principles of R.I.S.E. – Respect, Integrity, Sustainability, Experimentation – from deep within the heart of Silicon Valley, it was almost inevitable that OCM would become a force for good in the NFT space. 

“The Monkeyverse is where a group of crypto veterans are building a better future with Web3. The OnChainMonkey (OCM) community includes the creators of major blockchains, founders of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, creators of metaverses, founders of block explorers, miners who secure a significant percentage of the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, and many more.”

OCM has avoided hype, scams, and blatant profiteers while also being more visible and present than most other projects in terms of being at major events, presenting at major tech and blockchain conferences, and participating in panels, workshops, and retreats. OCM is not quiet but it doesn’t make the same kind of hype noise that many other top tier projects do. The community of OCM embraces the ideals of RISE! and seeks to do real good in the real world. The OCM DAO is responsible for growing the OCM ecosystem and brand and sharing the values of OCM worldwide via partnerships with companies, new ventures, derivative art projects, charitable donations, marketing campaigns, both online and in-person events and activations, contests, merchandise, and more. OCM holders vote on project proposals that align with the community’s core values.

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