Is Web3 Publishing Inclusive ?  

by Sylvie Bax

This article was originally published  in Issue 6 of Vagobond Magazine

Say, What?

I joined Twitter as an NFT artist late last year and as an NFT poet/writer earlier this year and indeed, initially, my experience had been overwhelmingly positive.  Gifted folk from all over the
world being supportive, my work being minted, showcased, collected, and joining Soltype as a verified writer, a literary NFT platform that changes the way writers and storytellers can sell their work on Web3.  

I love painting and digital art, but writing is my primary talent.  I find the process difficult, and I relate to Richard Bach who said he’d ‘rather sharpen pencils’ than start writing but it is something that I can practically do to divert my madness.  As a neurodiverse, mixed woman who has CPTSD and bipolar affective disorder, my whole life feels like a tightrope.

I was hopeful that Web 3 would be genuinely inclusive. I’m not sure why I thought that because God Bless, humanity but I know it well, and where there are people there is going to be drama.  

This question obsessed me.  So how vulnerable should 

we allow ourselves to be in Web3?

How much madness to show?  

How much feminist?

How much faith?  

How much Black?

How much White? 

How much gay? 

How much empathy for other’s suffering even if this means going against the grain?

I’ve seen some truly awful shit go down the longer I stay here. Grown men and women behave like monsters in the sincere belief that they are right and others wrong.

However, I’ve also found extraordinary spaces which are authentically supportive, with no drama and no gas lighting.  These spaces do exist. 

But whatever your story, background, or homeland – I don’t believe anyone should get a free pass.  Most of us work incredibly hard to promote ourselves, take time to share others’ work, make connections with genuine people and slog, slog, slog.

I believe you must risk; you should raise your head creatively above the parapet.  

Be open to improvement & constructive critique. 

Your creativity will suffer if you cower in an echo chamber.

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