Bookchain & the MetaLibrary:

Can they change

publishing and reading? 


This article was originally published  in Issue 6 of Vagobond Magazine


On December 16, 2021, Bookcoin launched as a place where readers could own a piece of the

 books they love. Bookcoin was the genesis of the MetaLibrary.

“The Metalibrary is a dedicated space in web3 to memorialize books to the blockchain, offering readers the opportunity to collect them as Limited-

Edition NFTs, get access to exclusive, literary-specific utility, and experience a new level of ownership, earnings, access, and identification with the books that have changed their lives.”

Thus far there have been three innovative NFT projects from the BookCoin/MetaLibrary Team. 

  1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Meadows. While not actually a book, this NFT project took key ideas from the book and made them into individual generative NFTs. 
  2. MetaLibrary Founder Cards
  3. Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde NFT by ‘Rata’. The first ‘Read to Earn’ game including the before NFT for founders & buyers and the after NFT for readers who completed the R2E experience. 

On deck is a marketplace, a collection from Alan Watts, and certainly more Read2Earn and innovation as well as the launch and distribution of the $BKCN token. 

Will they succeed in revolutionizing reading, writing, and book sales? Only time will tell. 


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