This article first appeared in Vagobond Magazine Issue 7 which can be purchased as a readable NFT on Opensea


Introducing… The Crypto Crew! Founded by The Matic Man, Crypto Crew is an NFT collection of crypto super heroes representing 10 projects that we believe, based on thorough research and analysis, will be the top ten leading projects in the space. We also have the villains made up of the crypto world attackers such as FUD, black swan events, bear markets and more. A place to learn and grow together, Crypto Crew encourages positive mental health, friendship and ethics to ensure everyone in our community has a positive experience in Web3.



Crypto Crew’s communities on Discord and Telegram are places where people can feel safe, while also gaining easy access to useful information about Web3. A big part of having a successful NFT project is having a strong community behind it; helping out with promotion of the project as well as minting the project. When it comes to having a supportive community, engagement, equality and transparency are all key factors.


Engaging your community and keeping them a main part of the conversation is one of the easiest and most basic ways for any community to function well together into the future. Crypto Crew has an ambassador program, where we allow our entire community a shot at freebies and perks in exchange for original promotional materials, social media engagement and leadership in our community. Every community member also has a shot at our open moderator application. Allowing the community to promote itself as well as govern itself gives our most active members a feeling of duty and our other, normally active members, a feeling of balance  and respect. As a leader, being available for your community not only keeps them engaged, but communicates a message of respect between the community and the community leaders.

Equality / Fairness

While unfair, hierarchical communities do exist and are doing well in their respective spaces. On the topic of what makes a Web3 community, however, I have to say that these types of systems definitely have the opposite effect. People are already subjected to an unfair tier system in their everyday lives dealing with modern society. Most, while they may be used to this type of dynamic, do not enjoy being at the bottom, especially if there is no way to get to the top. A good Web3 community considers the ethics and the optics of any particular situation, especially when dealing with other people directly. No one wants to be overlooked, left out, or underappreciated.    

The way you treat your community is the way they will respond to you. If you come to them with love and positive energy, not only will you attract and build a group full of like-minded people, but you’ll change the lives of many for the better in the process.                          


Most relationships (romantic, platonic, professional, etc.) thrive off of trust. When you trust someone, you expect them to have your back. You expect them to have your best interests in mind. You expect them to give you good information, or at least information with good intentions behind it. It’s vitally important to have some degree of transparency in your Web3 community. Most Web3 communities have some degree of finances tied to them, whether it be crypto, nfts, p2e gaming, etc. Most conversations taking place in these Web3 communities would have a financial element to them overall. As a leader in these spaces, you have a duty to protect your community from misinformation and scams, especially while they’re in your space. Transparency in Web3 roughly translates to being honest and forthcoming with information. Hiding your identity is usually seen as a red flag in Web3, especially when asked to self-dox. Refusing to answer questions and purposely not posting information publicly is not only bad business practice in general, but when leading a community of real people and making decisions that would have an impact on their financial situation, it’s completely inappropriate behavior.

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