What is PageDao

by Rionna Morgan

This article was originally published  in Issue 6 of Vagobond Magazine

PageDAO is a self-governing community of Web3 creatives – writers, artists, promoters, and readers – who are reshaping and renewing the publishing industry, removing barriers to entry, and welcoming in everyone who wants to take literature into the future.

PageDAO’s vision includes making books universally accessible and intends to create a blockchain for books capable of storing, pricing, sorting, distributing, and settling transactions. The $PAGE token serves as currency within the PAGE Network to reward creatives and supporters for their contributions in the DAO.

PageDAO is already educating audiences on the possibilities that exist in the future of literature. NFTbooks will expand beyond print and e-book, to interactive text, video games, full-length feature films, and other content forms. NFTBooks can be tagged with royalties that never fail to pay on time, authors and promoters could be paid more than in traditional markets, and readers could even earn as they read.

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