Hawaii still feels like a dream every day when I look at Diamond Head above me from Waikiki.

This year, I will put together an NFT photography collection from my time on Earth. This is the first piece of 143 planned pieces.  

Vagobond Photo Genesis
In October of 2001, I came to Hawaii for the first time with $100 and a one way ticket. I had no home to return to and this has been my home ever since. This is an image I’ve manipulated quite a bit to get it to fit with my memory of the first time I saw Waikiki out of a plane window. I lived within this frame for my first years in Hawaii and I live within this frame now. In between it has remained home whether I lived on the other side of the globe or the other side of the island. The extinct Diamond Head volcano still excites me daily when I see it. The tourists, the traffic, the many many shades of blue and green. This photo from a plane is like a memory pulled from my brain and I’m very happy that it more closely resembles a painting or an architectural drawing than a photo. My home.


Here are the second and third photos of the collection (and the link to the collection):

 My mother-in-law isn’t like those jokes you hear about. She’s wonderful. She loves her kids and she is truly a saint. She has little but will help anyone she can. She takes care of her sheep and her animals, never stops working, and lives her life with joy and dedication to her ideals. I love her. That’s no surprise. Everyone does. I feel so blessed to have met her.
I’ve been fascinated by Florence for most of my life. There is something magical about this small Oregon town that draws me back again and again. This moment looking at the Siuslaw Bridge with the Oregon Dunes behind captures a bit of why. My quest to find Frying Pan Creek has not ended. I don’t know what I expect to find there – but certainly not a cult of French druids! Perhaps I’ll escape to Florence again someday and live on a sailboat exploring the sloughs and waterways.

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