Issue #5 of Vagobond Magazine just hit the stands – Available to Buy for .01 ETH

You can also read it for free right here, on IPFS, or on OpenSea

An NFT Magazine with 52 pages of Summer NFT Travel Fun.

Vagobond Magazine returns with a look at the state of travel NFTs & NFT travel. The focus in this issue is CD’s summer trip around the world where he not only created NFTs from selected moments of his journey, but also used, promoted, and evangelized for NFTs along the way. In this ‘solo issue’ of Vagobond Magazine, CD considers how NFTs might be used in travel, talks about (and shares photos of) his westward journey from Hawaii to Hawaii via Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the UAE, Morocco, France, Iceland, and New York City and shares how he used NFTs, shared NFTs, and how this trip shaped his thinking about NFTs.

**Correction: The Elysium Club NFT did finally reimburse the promised $50 for moving his hotel from Brooklyn to Manhattan at the last minute. The reimbursement came after repeated reminders and 10 days after it was offered – but it did get sent.

View on IPFS:

Free to read for free or buy a copy. Includes Chapter 4 of Sly Doubt of Uranus, CD’s novel about the most wanted villain from the planet Uranus.


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