The internet has changed and blogs are largely dead as old timers like me think of them – places where you could post an idea or thought or photo and then have conversations about it with strangers who would possibly become friends.


This blog used to be a place like that but gradually, like most blogs it turned into a place where I tried to monetize content and conversation shifted to Twitter and Facebook.


The past months I’ve been rediscovering that original space that I loved and it isn’t on the big social media sites – it’s on Discord in private servers. I’ve set up the Vagobond Discord Server. It’s mostly focused on blockchain and nuts – but for anyone who wants to talk travel, I’ve also set up a dedicated travel channel.


With threaded conversations, searchable content, and the ability to have dm conversations – Discord is actually an improvement on blogging (OG sense).


Come join the conversation. We can talk travel or tech or whatever you want. I really like the Discord space and I hope you’ll join me there

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