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May 18, 2022

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Music NFT Beat with Angel Blue

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NFT Religion from Bald Jesus

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Aloha Frens & GM,

It’s really hard to get excited about anything in the NFT or crypto world for most of us right now. Hell, it’s hard to get excited about anything tbh – many years ago (in the 90s!) , I interviewed a visionary guy named Skeeter. Skeeter was the head of a non-profit called Friends of the Trees. They saw clearly that climate change was going to become a bigger and bigger problem. While most non-profits were screaming messages of doom and gloom – Friends of the Trees was ultra-positive. I asked Skeeter how he was able to take in such a dark reality but still project such an amazing positive message and he said something that stuck with me “The bad news is that the world is heading towards hell in a hand-basket at breakneck speed. The good news is that everyday there are more people aware of it.”

While at first that may not seem to have much to do with the crypto/NFT/stock/inflation stories we are seeing today – it actually has everything to do with it. The world’s financial systems are completely and totally broken and out of whack with reality. That’s why Satoshi created Bitcoin. It’s what motivated Vitalik to create Ethereum. And – it’s what has drawn so many of us into this space. Yes, the market conditions suck right now. Yes, we’ve all (at least most of us) lost a lot of money/value. Yes, there is serious danger as most NFT projects have the very real risk of going to zero and most crypto projects have only slightly higher chances. The NFT/crypto world is heading to hell in a hand-basket.

The good news is that everyday there are more people learning about the reason these things exist. It’s not so we can flip 10x. It’s not so scammers can make huge profits. It’s not so Do Kwan can build a huge ponzi scheme. It’s because this entire system (the world financial system) is built on greed, exploitation, and the inability of most people to do the right thing (financially). Most people (sorry not sorry to say it) will find reasons to do the wrong thing (for everyone) when it means benefitting themselves. This is why the climate is so fucked up and it’s why our civilization is so fucked up. The funny thing is that we all know what the right thing is – we can work as a group to identify it – but then that delusional confirmation bias enters the picture.

Blockchain gives us the ability to create total accountability. Smart contracts give us the opportunity to actually turn code into law – immutable law. Crypto gives us the opportunity to cut out middlemen and the exploitive traps they lure us into (and fall into themselves). The good news is that we are getting closer to an improved world. All of the shit we are going through right now – is making the picture clear – the world is heading towards hell in a handbasket, but more of us are aware of it than ever before – AND we have a better toolbox than at anytime in our history. So let’s keep working.




The Music NFT Beat w/ Angel Blue

Gm,gm everyone, Happy Wednesday. Hope you are well.

This week’s music nft beat main feature is Ferrari Party. I spoke to the amazing John from the project.  

How did Ferrari party come about and what is the main goal in web 3?

So I started Ferrari party back in January 2021 before I knew anything about nfts. I had been away from music for a bit and started really getting back into it when the pandemic started. I basically at the time was thinking I wanted to make vaporwave type music and art and Ferrari Party sounded fun and fit the theme.


Oh wow that sounds amazing.Yeah you rarely hear of vaporwave!

As for web 3 I didn’t really get into NFTs until last august and I think I minted my first piece in September and it was just some photography of textures. I knew I wanted to incorporate music but I didn’t know how. In November I started working in touch designer messing with visuals and finally learned to incorporate my music. So now I’m trying to build a catalog of work and keep my music on the blockchain for more people to see.

Yeah I love that neon 80s style art for sure it’s  cool haha.


A lot of my fave projects are 80s based. So would you say 80s is your inspiration for Ferrari party?

Definitely I’m an 80s baby so I love that style lol.


Will you be open to collaborations and how do you feel about web3 collabs compared to web2?

Yeah I’m definitely open to collabs I’ve done a handful already with some amazing artists from a bunch of different countries it’s crazy. That’s the difference from web2 and web3 for me, before web3 I was just making beats by myself basically. Now there’s so much more opportunity to meet people and share ideas and get it out to the people more efficiently.


That’s a fantastic thing how beautiful what we are doing within the space I’m glad we have the tools to push ourselves as artists creatives etc. Ok so What direction do you feel music nfts will go towards for musicians? 

I think it will bring more freedom to musicians to be more creative and have more control over their music and image. Being able to make what you want when you want is a powerful thing. Eventually I think people will have all their masters on chain too.


Yes I fully agree and I can’t wait to see more people create music platforms such as Audius

Yeah Audius is cool! Imagine if the Beatles masters were on the ETH or something , it would be worth so much haha.


Omg that could happen we never know. Ok so I ask everyone this how do you feel about metaverse vs IRL gigs. I personally think both can work

I feel the same. I think both can work. Real life events are always fun and the metaverse is getting better and better so they are both dope options. I would think eventually there will be better integration of the two as well, so you can go to a concert at home or in person. I would love to DJ a metaverse gig for sure, it would be fun I think. 


I can see you doing a DJ metaverse gig if you check out Boonkbots they are doing a metaverse tour. Ok so everyone talks about community how do you define your community?

Dope I’ll have to check that out thanks. For me I would say encouragement reliability and honesty I guess. Helping each other grow and being there for one another is always good. I just try and be available and if I can help with anything I’m always happy to. I’ve made some good friends that way.


Ok so any last words you want to say about web3/music nfts?

We are definitely early. There’s still so much innovation to be had out there and I think the future of creativity is changing rapidly. Giving more control to the creators it’s a beautiful thing. Music NFTs are just getting started and i feel they will change the way we interact with and consume music. Consistency will be a big factor so we just gotta keep working and building and lets see what we’re capable of.

Thats perfect and thank you so much for chatting with me. It’s been amazing.

You’re welcome. It’s nice to meet ya and it was good chatting for sure. If I can ever help with anything I’m happy to.


So there we have it. If you want to check out Ferrari Party head to the link below to check it out


In other news this week , 0XMusic released details on their rooftop Party in New York a collaboration with Warpsound

A brand new web 3 music community named Venice Music Collective did an incredible space with Jeff Nicholas and Lindsey Byrnes for Rug Radio WVRPd Monday. Venice Music gives independent artists more opportunities within web 3. An NFT membership which will serve as an access pass to the Venice ecosystem distribution, recording studios, creative workspaces, sync, analytics, financial services, equipment rental, community events, and so much more. (Quotes from their website)


Warpsounds honoraries this past week included the incredible Bobby Hundreds. Not a music NFT based project but one that I hold close to my heart. He has actively supported Warpsound from day one and he was one of my early inspirations for being in the space along with Mike Shinoda and Warpsound.

Check out this incredible 1/1 created by Andy Poon with A.I. music composed off traits and metadata.


The second honorary went to Rebecca Fiebrink. Her early guidance and encouragement for Warpsound helped set the foundation for what Warpsound built.


Still one of my favourite projects is FlufWorld. I came upon this tweet that accurately describes what FlufWorld are building in music NFTs.


Last week’s Warpsound Genesis Tour stop was with Diamond Supply co. And then they had an incredible stop from BoonkBots and Bitwax on their metaverse tour.



Also if you haven’t checked out Ziggurats NFT on twitter please do so. A Twitter account created by Mike Shinoda to go alongside his project. Love how he’s under promising and over delivering.


Events this week


Warpsound Genesis Tour – today links below to all notifications


New podcast/spaces from Bitwax and Algorhythmic this weeks guest BoonkBots


Topical Tuesdays with Bitlectro Labs


New Chainsmokers album for free being dropped on Royal


And that is all my frens until next week have an incredible week and keep vibing.


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