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March 16, 2022

GM Frens,

I’m here at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas and I can’t tell you how grateful I am. I’ve been so excited about this trip it is hard to express. I just needed a chance to get away – I love living in Hawaii but sometimes you need to just step away from your life – especially when you live on an island. In fact, I was so excited about this travel that I forgot to celebrate a Bald Jesus holiday on Monday when I departed – it was World Pi Day (3.14) a day to celebrate math and pie!

The travel itself was exhausting. I have to admit it. I took a red eye overnight flight from Honolulu to San Francisco and then a morning flight to Austin, Texas that got me here at around 3:30 pm yesterday and I was thrashed! I usually sleep around seven hours a night but last night I slept 14 hours! Needless to say, I haven’t gotten out and done much yet. Which brings me to my next point – this week will be a bit of a skeleton NFT newsletter. I skipped yesterday’s NFT Games update and may skip tomorrow’s Thursday Travel NFT edition as well.

I will try to share as much as I can on the Vagobond Discord, however – so be sure to check it for the latest.

Today, though, you can check out our excellent Music NFT edition by Angel Blue below.

~CD Vagobond


Music NFT Beat

Updated Wednesdays by Angel Blue – See latest at


GM beautiful people!!!

I hope you are having a beautiful Wednesday. This weeks Music NFT is a screenshot of an NFT I won with 3Q. It is absolutely mesmerising and beautiful and gives me Optimus Prime Vibes. I was a huge Transformers fan as a child so this is nostalgic. Series Zero-3,333 genesis 3Q collectibles are minting 23rd March


Loving seeing all the action from SXSW. My frens at Warpsound are there and the man who got me into NFTS Mike Shinoda. 

Warpsound are holding a joint party on 19th March in Austin partnering with Smilessss and Deadfellaz. If you are holders of all three

I can’t be there in Austin but I will be at NFT NYC which I’m both nervous and excited about for an introvert like me lol.

Amazing to see Warpsound are #1 Music Project of all time on Opensea. Obviously I love the project even before it was an nft and seeing it explode like this makes me so happy. As I said I can not stress how much this is one of my favourite projects. The team have built the foundation for a beautiful community and they define community.

So on Sunday Mike Shinoda did a short conference and a live track making performance with fluf world. I had seen the project before and think it’s great but hearing the founders explain what they are doing with AI. Learning about the Hume collective was fun too. It’s a Web3 record label with their first metaverse star angelbaby3045 which is also a Fluf. Really love how music NFTs are changing to the point you buy an NFT such as Fluf which is a 3 in one NFT. Mind blowing that the background is a NFT, the track is and NFT and then the Fluf Party Bear or even the thingy is an NFT. Like wow


Hearing Mike talk about how he’s also passionate about Music NFTS and empowering the artist is what inspires me to keep pushing and connecting with artists and changing the way the Music Industry is. I am excited for what Fluf world is bringing into Music NFTS and I think anyone should check them out


I have some news to share as well. In the past two weeks I’ve become an advisor to two artists on their projects. Something I’m excited to share with you. 

First up we have Alex Sanzo

Can’t talk much about our project as it’s secret but more will be coming in the next month. Alex is a wonderful human who sent me a DM because of this weekly piece asking for advice and what i thought. Then we chatted and I asked about being an advisor. He said yes which is an honour. He already has music on Spotify if you want to check out his on his Twitter. 

Second is a member of Warpsounds community Mobitz


Another wonderful artist who I’m an advisor for to help him in Music NFTs. As everyone knows it’s a massive passion of mine to empower all artists within the space. He’s also performing at SXSW with his band PixelBands who are on Solana

I only work with people I believe in. I won’t ever rug someone after their project or mid project.I’m in it for the long haul.




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March Holidays

The March full moon is the ‘Sugar Moon’ on this day (March 17th in Hawaii) we share sweet treats with kids and the people we love and also – take the day off work if you can. Enjoy yourself. March 14th is world Pi Day. On this day we celebrate math and eat pie. Sharing pie with math lovers is a very Bald Jesus thing to do. If you are baking pies, cut the pi symbol in the top of your pie! The big one for March though is Garden Day aka Spring Equinox – Generally around March 21st. Do some gardening, get outside, feel the soil under your bare feet. Review your goals and aspirations for the year. Meditate on happiness. Gather with friends. | Bald Jesus Twitter | Holy Bjble Twitter – Minting Now!- for Bald Jesus Drinking Club

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