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BAYC is absolutely on fire. Funniest news I saw was Justin Bieber paid 500 ETH for a floor ape. I’d like to be a celebrity NFT consultant please! Yes, buy my friends floor ape at 5x so that he and I can have 200 ETH extra to promote ourselves and buy yachts. Insane. New record sale in ETH as well. I’m wondering when MAYC will reach 50% of BAYC – they should – but time will tell. I changed up the format of this a little over the weekend. I hope it’s easy for you to get through quickly. Look for a ‘*’ for new items. Be sure to check out the Literary NFT beat by Greg below – freshly updated today.

~CD Vagobond


3 Dayd Left to claim – verified contracts. Safe claim.

– Claim your $TKNFY at @tokenfy_

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Dr. Dabber and I are giving away two VAYC!

– Pak to collab with Julian Assange


– Sirin Labs Blockchain Phone token down 97.5% (btw follow this guy! Some of the best threads)


Vagobond’s New Acquisitions

Dead Handz #334 –


You can find my NFT buying methodology and more on the NFT 101 page on


Blue Chip & Red Chip NFTs Beat

by Vagobond

These are my personal blue chip plays. Not everyone will agree they are all blue chips. I’ve given Pixel Vault/Metahero/Punks Comic a category of its own because there is so much happening with it.


On Chain MonkeysOne of the most positive ‘do good’ projects out there.



BAYC/MAYC – $APE token. Huge sales. Roadmap underway.


Huxley – The Robots have arrived and they are fire. Big things happening here always.


10KTF – $NTD token. This is a cool and probably Beeple project.


BYO – Ships coming, game coming, token coming.


Peace Void/ Peaceful Groupies – $PEACE token, PeaceDAO, partnerships with other projects and festivals (IRL and MV). So much happening in this community right now. Super exciting.


Pixel Vault/ Punks Comic/ Metahero $PUNKS/$POW

* –

– Origin Story #1: Courtney – 5902 origin stories – PVFD holders snapshot prior to Feb 1 claim on a 1-to-1 basis with how many FD you own. Any that go unclaimed will open up to punks comic #1 and #2 until all are sold out.

– Each planet holder will be eligible for sidekick claim. Sidekicks will be stakable. TBA

– Elite Apes Covers to be released using Metahero/Ape Token in early Feb – unique gamification of mint using a coin that has future utility. Available now on and OS.

– Physical comic will release soon – logistical issues with cases and covers holding it up


Red Chips

What’s a Red Chip? These are projects I think have the potential to become blue chips.


Rebel Planet Motor Club I’ve jumped this straight from watchlist to Red Chip. Not positive what is coming yet, but positive you don’t want to miss it.


Creature Toadz – Mashup of Creatures + Cryptoadz . $FLYZ


Adidas: Into the Metaverse – What is coming? I guess we’ll see. 


Two Bit Bears – There is a level of genius working here that is largely overlooked.


Bloot – Bloot is being redefined. $BGLD is being unrugged.


Bulls on the Block / Bears on the Block – This project, DAO, wallet being moved to the community.


Heaven Computer – Female led, amazing art project. Godmin abides.


Satoshiverse – This feels like the slowest moving amazing project ever.

NFT Gamer Beat


Doctor Who, Worlds ApartP2E Game and NFT MarketplaceFounders Token sale continues (part 3 is well under way), tokens $1000 each. Gameplay continues in Beta among founders only.


Non-Fungible Heroes/Boring Banana Co. – Game launching today. Land and token coming soon.

* –


Influence Asteroids Everything about the game:


Nifty League Degens – P2E games, avatars, comics, $NFTL

– Snapshot today. You get 1 comic 5 for each degen you own. You gen 1 comic 6 for each meta degen, 2 comics for each legendary degen and 1 comic for each full tribe set (cat/frog/human/ape/alien/doge).


One Day Bae – This is my favorite project. It vibes with me just right.


Raini Lords of Light – p2e game. Rumor has it that the beta game will launch in a few weeks. Already has great cross chain assets, card staking, and more.


Danger Islands / Lazer Defi – $xBMF token live and can earn by owning Lazer Soda, Bloot, or BlootMF. One of my favorite projects.

– Danger Islands land mint is now open



Mighty Manateez – Fun project with comic, video game, $ALGAE token. Saving IRL manatees.

*- Manateez game is live!


World of Cryptoids. – Interesting game and concept. Main-net launched


Pixelglyphs – P2E game, ships, innovative and fun community.


Influencer NFT Beat

Gary Vee Projects – Veefriends, Bookgames, FlyFish, etc.

* –


Tom Bileyu Projects / Impact Theory – Huge burn event.

*- The Pulse – a Weekly IT update –


Farokh projects / Rug Radio


*- 2/2/22: Rug Radio will be launching its first set of shows! All of the hosts will be receiving the Rug Radio Host Pass and Guest Passes for their guests!

*- 2/9/22: $RUG token launch! Yes, that means that on February 9th, every single Rug Radio Genesis NFT owner will be able to go claim their $RUG tokens in their Dashboards! 
 Tokens per Genesis NFT:
 Standard: 555 tokens 
Scarce 1/2: 888 tokens
 Rare 1/2: 1111 tokens
*-2/12/22: RugDAO Lunch!

Danny Cole projects / Creatures. Rumored to have land and token announcement coming soon.


Nate Alexander Projects / Chainfaces – Arena battles continue. Just a few hundred left now competing for over 350 ETH.

– Major aesthetic upgrade coming to the entire chainfaces universe (including fallen faces).These will be free to claim, except for gas costs to holders including fallen warriors from the arena.


Music NFT Beat

Warp Sound Generative Art + AI composed music.

– Monday January 31, 2022 The special launch of a new discord event series, where we feature a creator from our community and highlight their creative process! For our first episode, we have WeinbagZ, incredible producer and NFT creator. We’ll go into the studio to watch a little of his process while he remixes his WVRPS stems to create his next NFT!

Moons of Mars – Fashion/music facing game/story/project. – On-chain music studio. Create it, then mint it.


Spottie Wifi The #1 DJ in the Metaverse





Tiki Festival –


Bitlectro Labs/Dreamers/DreamLoops


Literary NFT Beat

(Updated Weekly – Find the latest at

by Greg R. Fishbone – | | |

Cryptoversal News:

1/31/22: Cryptoversal Books will be collaborating on a literary NFT project with the Medusa Collection by Mieke Marple(Website | OpenSea | Twitter | Discord), a 2,500-piece generative NFT art project that reframes the snake-haired Gorgon of mythology as a misunderstood heroine. The Medusa community will help shape a companion novel, adding utility to NFT holders while inaugurating a new Writer’s Studio for Cryptoversal. In addition, artist Marple will be publishing a memoir and collaborative anthology of essays by Medusa holders.

In the Community, Cryptoversal authors are discussing legal considerations surrounding NFTs including copyright, estate planning, taxes, contract formation, fraud prevention, and how to NOT trigger them when designing a product that regulators could see as an investment contract.

Upcoming NFT Book Releases:

Annie’s Bookshop (Website | Twitter | Discord) – An upcoming collection of 9,920 generative NFT books with design trait rarities and unique content. Books will be published as MP4 animations that users will be able to pause and unpause to read a uniquely generated short story of 30 to 40 sentences.

Writer’s Rooms:

Jenkins the Valet (Website | Twitter | Discord) – A multimedia studio creating content from licensed BAYC and MAYC characters. Jenkins’ initial project is a book from author Neil Strauss and 4,075 licensed characters. Representation by CAA. [1/31/22: Jenkins the Valet Roadmap 2.0 is scheduled to be announced today.]

Nuclear Nerds (Website | Twitter | Discord) – A lore generation project integrated into a generative NFT art collection. Holders respond to prompts about their character to build the story world. [1/28/22: Nuclear Nerds unveiled a new logo and announced a new writing group.]

TimeWriter (Website | Twitter | Discord) – A collaborative writing experiment starting at the midpoint of a story that expands forward and backward in matching steps. [1/31/22: TimeWriter offered a peek at their upcoming online tool for timewriting.]

Author DAOs:

PageDAO (Website | Twitter | Discord) – The beta minter is currently open only to DAO members, minting to the ReadmeCollection on OpenSea, which now contains 35 works. [1/31/22: The most recent works released to the PageDAO Readme collection include poetry in an animated slide format (“a never ending poem that is a” by Indefatigable and “IRun” by Greg R. Fishbone). The floor on DAO membership NFTs has been rising when they are available at all (OpenSea) with an upcoming second batch of membership NFTs rumored to drop soon.

PageDAO – See Author DAOs above.

Readl (Website | Twitter | Discord) – Book minter and marketplace on Moonriver blockchain. [1/31/22: Readl previously announced a marketplace launch by the end of the month, which would be today.]

Soltype (Website | Twitter | Discord) – Book minter and marketplace on Solana blockchain. [1/31/22: The Soltype team reports progress toward a rescheduled beta release of the minter as they work to resolve issues related to Solana’s network congestion.]


Token Literary (Discord) – Focused on helping creators with marketing, logistics, and tokenomics.



The DAO Beat

The Land Dao – Metaverse land development project. $RENT


SharkDao – You’ll need a Notion account to read this newsletter:


Buzzed Bear Hideout DAO –


Pizza DAO- *- Meeting Minutes


Page DAO – (See literary NFTs) Weekly Twitter Space


Gas DAO $GAS token –


Open DAO $SOS token –

If you are staking any $SOS you may be eligible to claim The OpenDAO Genesis Membership NFT Collection tokens which are exclusively mintable by the $veSOS holders based on the snapshot taken at 2 PM UTC 18th Jan 2022. The minting page will shut down on February 6, 2022 11 AM UTC.

Holding this token may entitle the owner access to airdrops, early access to future collections, early access to curated drops and various other benefits.

Tier 1: 938. Threshold: 1,032,988,950.25 Mint 1x for 4 NFTs

Tier 2: 1406. Threshold: 289,659,300.25 Mint 1x for tier 2,3&4 NFTs

Tier 3: 2343. Threshold: 87,818,017.09 Mint 1x for tier 3&4 NFTs

Tier 4: 2344. Threshold: 27,303,297.03 Mint 1x for tier 4




Calling All Adventurers by partiallyZen – A love letter to influenceeth


Food and Travel NFT Projects

SuperLocal NFT gated travel app where users can mint locations as NFTs


Bored Breakfast Club – Coffee delivered by virtue of owning this NFT.



Travel ToucansMinting 2/22/22 –


NFT Religions

Bald Jesus – BJ is Your Bro

– Minting for Bald Jesus Drinking Club – .05 ETH

Holy Bjble – AB version – Readable on OS! Only .001 ETH on Polygon so no gas


Tokens, Staking, Defi

Solon – I minted this what seems like 500 years ago. Love the art but the token and the vision are what actually made me mint. Hard to explain in brief – but listen to this:


$WTF – You can still claim here:


$LOOKS Token – Looks Rare platform is gaining traction. Daily rewards for staking unmatched.


$TKNFY Tokenify

Claim your $TKNFY at @tokenfy_


$LIT – Working with Johnny Depp NFT project.

Useful Info

This is an astoundingly useful document:



The biggest rumor is that the Coinbase NFT platform is imminent. Also worthwhile to take a look at this sheet and attempt to use all the platforms. The free airdrops last year brought some people over a hundred thousand dollars.

Airdrop: – – DYOR – Reportedly was live, then wasn’t. I’m watching but won’t rush in on this one. – another airdrop for those who have paid gas on Eth. No new news. DYOR.

Rumor/Airdrop List :



Rap Empire DAO (Snoop Dog) –


Hype Bears –

Look Labs ––

Nemus – – – this is an ecology project.


Great Projects I’m Not In or Following:

aka projects I missed and am salty about. There are too many – see the whole list at:

Misses of the month (so far) – Creepz, Asuna, Capsule, omgKirby, uWu


The Graveyard

These are projects that I wanted to believe in that simply seem like they are dead. I bought into many of these instead of the winning projects above. Take that as a warning. I sincerely hope that they resurrect – but when I put them here, it means that I’ve stopped believing and looking. I hope to someday have a section at the top called ‘Resurrections’ for when projects in the Graveyard manage to rise up again. As time goes on, I have no doubt this will be the biggest section of this newsletter and I will let it keep growing so that those who care to look can understand that the majority of projects fail and investors lose money. Pick wisely, my friends, and good luck!

See the huge full list at

– ApeDao / ApeDao Remix was one of the coolest and the most disappointing projects I’ve been in. I thought I was joining ApeDao and then was told the two NFTs I bought didn’t grant me enough $APED to be a member. On the upside – introduced to some great artists through Remix, on the downside – well – read this

$TIME, $MEMO, $wMEMO prices have left many rekt. The 100M $BSGG airdrop has not happened yet. Wonderland is down 97.5% from ath several months ago. Seems an impossible task to ever recover.

– Cat and Mouse Game – So many issues. I’m expecting more issues.

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