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1/26/2022 – Morning Briefing


A word of explanation about what you are getting here. I wrote this today in the Moons of Mars alpha channel in response to a question about what we look for in projects.

“I’m one of those fools who is really in it for the disruption of the current system but gets caught up in the money chase because I want to spend more time creating. As such, I look for tools that give creators better opportunities. This is why I get excited about ideas like Rug Radio (decentralized and personal media), Jenkins the Valet, Pixel Vault & Huxley(innovative IP and entertainment ideas), and PageDAO (decentralized community centered publishing). I love seeing creators move into the space and ideally knocking middle men out of work (Spottie Wifi, Moons of Mars, RiskRock, Dario de Sienna), and I also like to see communities that are actively working to do good in the world like On Chain Monkeysand PeaceVoids. I love creator communities like Bloot where developers come together and build shit. I’ve jumped into some influencer (Gary Vee) and self empowerment (Tom Bileyu) communities but the cult of personality aspect of them is nauseating. I love the ideas of P2E but I don’t really game and also of Decentralized Finance but I don’t want to spend time monitoring investments – still – Nifty League and Solon are both in my top 10.”

If I’ve missed anything or you would like to see something else covered – reach out to me via DMs on Twitter (@vagobond) or in the Vagobond Discord at


– BTC and ETH prices have recovered from their lows a few days ago but are still significantly below their all time highs. It’s anyone’s guess whether this is a dead cat bounce or not.

– Meta (Facebook) appears to be having second thoughts about it’s Diem stablecoin.

– The IMF has told El Salvador to ditch Bitcoin as legal tender. El Salvador is currently 31% underwater on its BTC experiment.

– Madonna is rumoured to be looking at the purchase of a Bored Ape.

– $TIME and $MEMO ate shit over night.

New Acquisitions

Huxley Robot (this was through minting with my Huxley Genesis Token) reveal in a few days.


You can find my NFT buying methodology and more on the NFT 101 page on


Blue Chip Projects (IMO)

Adidas: Into the Metaverse – Mint pushed back one day until tomorrow. Read the tweet thread.


BAYC/MAYC – $APE token. The Apes vs. Mutants competition is live.

* –

Huxley – 100% hand drawn robots minted from Genesis tokens yesterday. Reveal in a few days.

* –

10KTF – $NTD token. This is a cool and probably Beeple project. WAGMI shop will reopen 1/27

BYO – Ships coming, game coming, token coming.

On Chain Monkeys – One of the most positive ‘do good’ projects out there.

Peace Void/ Peaceful Groupies – $PEACE token, PeaceDAO, partnerships with other projects and festivals (IRL and MV). So much happening in this community right now. Super exciting.


Other Projects I Like

Creature Toadz – Mashup of Creatures + Cryptoadz . $FLYZ

The Land Dao – A unique metaverse land development project. $RENT

Satoshiverse – Part of Coinbase NFT


Non-Fungible Heroes/Bored Bananas – Land and token coming soon.

Two Bit Bears – No new news.

Bloot – Bloot is being redefined.


MyPfpLand/Bloot Elves – No new news. It’s not looking like much is happening here.

Bulls on the Block / Bears on the Block –

Buzzed Bear Hideout

Heaven Computer – News coming soon. Godmin abides.

The Meta Reserve – Free mint (+ gas) of 1 GBP note (first 500)

– waiting on reveal. This might be a deadend project.

NFT Games

Pixelglyphs – P2E game, ships, innovative and fun community.

Doctor Who, Worlds Apart- P2E Game and NFT MarketplaceFounders Token sale continues (part 3 is well under way), tokens $1000 each. Gameplay continues in Beta among founders only.

Influence Asteroids Everything about the game:

Nifty League Degens – P2E games, avatars, comics, $NFTL

* – Snapshot on 31 January. You get 1 comic 5 for each degen you own. You gen 1 comic 6 for each meta degen, 2 comics for each legendary degen and 1 comic for each full tribe set (cat/frog/human/ape/alien/doge) Each degen gets you 68 $NTFL per day. If you play the P2E game, you get boosts based on background: – common 1x – rare 1.5x – meta 3x – legendary 6x They seem to hint on the website that you should be holding 2 full comic sets (1+2+3+4+5+6) for some special items tba Also, when you buy/sell a degen you also get its accumulated $NTFL.

One Day Bae – This is my favorite project. It vibes with me just right.

* –


Raini Lords of Light – p2e game. Rumor has it that the beta game will launch in a few weeks. Already has great cross chain assets, card staking, and more.

Danger Islands / Lazer Defi – $xBMF token live and can earn by owning Lazer Soda, Bloot, or BlootMF. One of my favorite projects.


Mighty Manateez – $ALGAE, comic, and helping save endangered Manatees. Game just launched.

World of Cryptoids. – Interesting game and concept. Main-net launching

Cat and Mouse Game – So many issues. I’m expecting more issues.


Influencer Projects

Gary Vee Projects – Veefriends, Bookgames, FlyFish, etc.

Rug Radio – Farokh project


Creatures – Danny Cole’s project. Rumored to have land and token announcement coming soon.

Nate Alexander Projects – Arena battles continue. Just about 1000 left now competing for over 350 ETH.

– Major aesthetic upgrade coming to the entire chainfaces universe (including fallen faces).These will be free to claim, except for gas costs to holders including fallen warriors from the arena.

Impact Theory / Tom Bileyu Projects – Huge burn event.

– The Pulse – a Weekly IT update



Music Oriented NFTs

Warp Sound – Generative Art + AI composed music.

Moons of Mars – Fashion/music facing game/story/project. – On-chain music studio. Create it, then mint it.

Spottie Wifi – The #1 DJ in the Metaverse

Tiki Festival – No New News

Bitlectro Labs/Dreamers/DreamLoops –


Literary NFTs

Jenkins the Valet – Avatars coming. Book being written. Prices have skyrocketed upwards. Quickly becoming a blue chip.

* –

Nuclear Nerds – Interactive storytelling and more.

Page Dao – $PAGE token is in play. Book minter is live.


Dead Handz – Interesting story oriented NFT

* –

Token Literary (agency) – interesting project that may well help shape the future of books in the NFTverse



Food and Travel NFT Projects (new section)

SuperLocal – NFT gated travel app where users can mint locations as NFTs


Travel Toucans – Minting 2/22/22 –

Bald Jesus – 1st NFT/crypto native religion born in the Metaverse

– Bald Jesus is Your Bro

– Minting for Bald Jesus Drinking Club – .05 ETH

– Holy Bjble – AB version –


Pixel Vault/ Punks Comic/ Metahero $PUNKS/$POW

*- Great twitter thread breaking down the source of the recent FUD.

* – Townhall normally scheduled for Wednesday (today) postponed

– Origin Story #1: Courtney – 5902 origin stories – PVFD holders snapshot prior to Feb 1 claim on a 1-to-1 basis with how many FD you own. Any that go unclaimed will open up to punks comic #1 and #2 until all are sold out.

– Each planet holder will be eligible for sidekick claim. Sidekicks will be stakable. TBA

– Elite Apes Covers to be released using Metahero/Ape Token in early Feb – unique gamification of mint using a coin that has future utility. Available now on and OS.

– Free Planet Drop #3 happening until next Friday

– Physical comic will release soon – logistical issues with cases and covers holding it up


Free $$$ – New platforms and tokens/ airdrops – – DYOR – Reportedly was live, then wasn’t. I’m watching but won’t rush in on this one. – another airdrop for those who have paid gas on Eth. No new news. DYOR.


Tokens, Staking, Defi

$TIME, $MEMO, $wMEMO prices continue downward. They say if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Seems like this might have been the case here. Huge meltdown. This may end up being a complete loss. The 100M $BSGG airdrop has not happened yet.



*- Abracadabra and Wonderland are currently voting on a merge. It’s not clear what this would mean.

$WTF – You can still claim here:

$LOOKS Token – Looks Rare platform is gaining traction. Daily rewards for staking unmatched.

$GAS token –

$SOS token – Still going. Staking is in place.

Tokenify – Looking like a serious token. DYOR but I claimed. A few days left.

– Now on CoinGecko &

$LIT – No new news.


Useful Info

Finding the Value of an NFT

-What is Metamask and why to use it?

– Learn Defi

– What is impermanent loss?

– What is a Liquidity Pool?

This is an astoundingly useful document:


The biggest rumor is that the Coinbase NFT platform is imminent. Also worthwhile to take a look at this sheet and attempt to use all the platforms. The free airdrops last year brought some people over a hundred thousand dollars.

Airdrop Rumors:


Raid Party –

Thingdoms –

Rebel Planet Motor Club


Metroverse –

Apex Wolves –

– Twitter suspended and Discord temporarily closed

Hype Bears –

Look Labs –

Fishy Fam –

Great Projects I’m Not In or Following

aka Projects I missed and am salty about. Find more details about them all at:

Miss of the month (so far) – Creepz

Crypto Punks – missed

BAYC – Our landlord decided to sell our apartment and we had to move so I didn’t want to risk .08 ETH on some silly looking art

VeeFriends – Had the money ready to go but saw problems with the launch and hated the ‘art’

World of Women- sold at 2 ETH

Gutter Cat Gang – sold at 1 ETH

Anonymice – listened to FUD and missed

Galactic Apes – listened to FUD and missed

CyberKongz – missed

Cryptoadz by Gremplin- Thought it looked silly

888 – Seemed like a freak

Wolf Game – Didn’t want to give Beanie my ETH

Doodles – Hated the art

Cool Cats – Thought it looked like 3 year old picture book

Neo Tokyo – Didn’t have 1 ETH when dropped

Ether Orcs – Somehow just missed it

The Graveyard

These are projects that I wanted to believe in that simply seem like they are dead. I bought into many of these instead of the winning projects above. Take that as a warning. I sincerely hope that they resurrect – but when I put them here, it means that I’ve stopped believing and looking. I hope to someday have a section at the top called ‘Resurrections’ for when projects in the Graveyard manage to rise up again. As time goes on, I have no doubt this will be the biggest section of this newsletter and I will let it keep growing so that those who care to look can understand that the majority of projects fail and investors lose money. Pick wisely, my friends, and good luck!

cMyKatz – I really like the dev on this and the community rallied around him but it just didn’t happen, a combination of bad timing on market sentiment and high gas fees. I have cMyKatz, cMyGravez, and ZombieKatz – they are all worthless now.

Good Guys – One of the rare projects I drew a rare on. Dev got sick and it all just seems to have died.

Invariant Labs/Monkey Bets – I hold two full sets here. I hope it recovers but with the Beanie mess, just doesn’t seem very likely.

aiVatar – This project from Trey Ratcliffe was really cool. Totally unique. No one cared.

CubeVerse – An MIT program turned avatar that seemed cool but then just sort of fizzled. I have several and derivatives – worthless

Bear Market Bears and Doadz – I really really really want these to succeed. I love the art. Hamm is a cool guy that does cool stuff. It’s just that nothing happens with these and you can’t even give them away (but I won’t)

Hobo Beards – One of my all time favorite projects and communities. The devs are still working, still making things, still trying to resurrect – but for the moment, it’s in the graveyard.

The MTA/Metahelmet – I have no idea what happened here. Not a rug, but they just died on the vine.

Template – I was so excited to buy this one, so excited for the amazing innovation and ideas behind the project but it just seems to have gone nowhere

Madame Sofia’s Oracle of Wisdom – It seemed like such a good idea, but so quickly dropped to zero

– The Miners Club – Floor price cratering. No news. No announcements. Nothing since the mint. Bummer. Had high hopes for this one.

Arcade NFTs – These are so cool. Fully playable arcade games on OpenSea. Floor has dropped to zero (or below). RIP ToadRunnerz. I hope I’m premature on calling this one dead – it really deserves to resurrect.

Invaders –Neil Strauss loves them, arguably the most attractive artist in crypto, cool art and funny characteristics, fun community. Should have worked but just hasn’t. Missing something – but what?

The Awakening – This was an almost free comic book drop. Didn’t expect much. Community largely dead. Needs a good awakening itself.

Lofi Skylines – these and other stuff from Crown Ghoul were so cool, but that wasn’t enough I guess.

Emily Lazar’s September Monsters – this is a pretty cool female artist, music oriented NFT with some nice attachments of comic and music -but – it just go no traction.

Peaceful Toadz – No new news since mint. Fun art, but low effort follow through.

Lucky Maneki – This project keeps working and trying but somehow has just never managed to take off. Seems like it is unlikely that it ever will.

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