My obsession with Uranus has grown and continued. In fact, I decided to start laying down the mythology and canon of Uranus and the surrounding planets with a novel. The protagonist in my novel is named Sly Doubt. As mentioned previously, I’m conveniently using an NFT I purchased as a placeholder for what he might look like. This is, of course, silly as my protagonist isn’t a cartoon character. So, to lay the record straight before we begin – Sly Doubt is bigger than one NFT profile picture(pfp) – much much bigger.

All of that being said – I’ve been using the variations of that first pfp in a series of chapter covers that I’ve been minting as limited edition NFTs with the first drafts of the chapters included as locked content. Each chapter is limited to ten mints of the 1st edition/1st printing.

Upon completion of the novel, I will also be publishing a full edition as a 1st/1st. I’m going to wait to see how demand looks at that point to determine how many the full book 1st edition/1st printing will be limited to. Most likely it will be somewhere between 10 and 100. And that will be it. Future editions will have different art. It is also likely that those who purchase the 1st/1st chapters will be given some sort of utility in the future.

That being said – here are the first five chapter’s covers. You can purchase the indvidual chapter NFTs at  my Vagobond’s House collection on Opensea:[sortAscending]=false&search[sortBy]=CREATED_DATE

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