You can find the first two months summarized here and here


I’m not sure why – but it was much harder to ‘talk the talk’ this month although I still walked the walk in a big way. Let me summarize:

As an experiment, I’ve volunteered to be the first person to live the religious philosophy of Bald Jesusism with a one year commitment. I birthed this philosophy and while I’ve a actually been living it significantly longer – I’m formally doing so for the record – ideally to show it works.

Here were the big takeaways from the third month.

  1. Walking every day is a huge blessing and benefit. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically, this practice alone has made a huge difference in my life. What qualifies for me? Mindfully getting outside and walking while paying extra attention to the sights, sounds, patterns, and beauty of everything around me. In some cases, on busy days, it was a walk around the block or a walk to the grocery store and back – but on other days it was 3-12 mile walks that included stopping and getting a bite to eat, stringing up my hammock in the park, or even grabbing a beer.
  2. Yoga and Meditation. I started every day but one with yoga and meditation. The day I missed, I only missed the meditation because just when I was about to start, my daughter woke up and was projectile vomiting from something she had eaten the night before. It was chaos. I felt really off all day. The meditation feels like a really good reset and I don’t just clear my mind, I also use this time to see where my mind goes and what kind of emotional charge and resonance it has. Fifteen minutes is where I’m at. I’d like to increase this, but still find 15 minutes challenging as my body starts throwing itches around. The yoga is my first thing every day – just three sets of sun salutations and more if I want – I’ve also started throwing some pushups in the mix.
  3. Making art every day. I simply didn’t do this. I found time to be a real challenge this month and almost never had a moment to sit in calm and peace. I could argue that doing the daily briefing has been an art project (it hasn’t been a business project in any sense as no revenue asked for or claimed). I made some art, but overall – I’d like to increase the amount of time I spend creating and decrease my screen time.
  4. Telling people about Bald Jesus. I did – I mean, I was writing the briefing, participating in other Discords, tweeting, and mentioning things in other social media – but I wasn’t even close to being an evangelist – and actually, I found it hard several times to bring up BJ when the opportunity arose in real life. I was tested and I failed – I’ll try to do better in the 4th month.
  5. Transacting on chain. Yes, yes, and yes. I was a true degenerate this month and minted, made crypto transactions, and more. I brought people into blockchain and had great amounts of time working in this space. Bald Jesus rewarded me – various free drops plus the X2Y2 airdrop and a bit more.

I feel like I need to start using the Bald Jesus Art and Bjble Quotes Twitter accounts more. I also need to find a way to be on more Twitter spaces. Now -onward to the 4th month of doing this.

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