Issue #8 of Vagobond Magazine just hit the stands – Available to Buy for .01 ETH


This issue of Vagobond Magazine is all about PFPs and why they are important in the world of Web3. We will look at what they are, the stories they tell, what they tell about their users, and how they are used. We also have an exciting new project from Papaver, updates on Metaverse and Web3 ideas, plus some fun surprises like a slightly deeper update than we usually get from the Lord of Metaverse Spirituality, Bald Jesus himself.

Contributors:  CD Vagobond, Rionna Morgan, Greg R. Fishbone, Dylan T. Daniel, Papaver, TonyFab, Petrex, Angel Blue, SkyBravo, and Skynet Validators


As always, you can read it for free right here, on IPFS, or on OpenSea whether you buy it or not.


View on IPFS:

Includes astounding fiction based on PFPs by some of the best Web3 authors out there, commentary on the importance of PFPs, an in depth look at an important new project “Dunkz” and Chapter 7 of Sly Doubt of Uranus, CD’s novel about the most wanted villain from the planet Uranus based on the Pixel Vault Generative Inhabitant #505.


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