This article first appeared in Vagobond Magazine Issue 7 which can be purchased as a readable NFT on Opensea

It has been a while. If you are new my name is Angel Blue, I’m 33 and have been active in Web3 for a year. Today I’ll be focusing on Warpsound and community. Since May 2021, I’ve been actively supporting and been a part of the WVRPS community. I even had the pleasure to go to NFT NYC and went to the Warpsound Party they held. It was spectacular. I first met Jeff Nicholas, Lindsey Byrnes and Terra Naomi in person at a Warpsound x 0X Music party, a few days before the big WVRPS party. Now before I travelled to NYC, I realised very fast that the team cared a lot about their community. Now the word community does get overused without real meaning behind it. WVRPS community is on another level. We don’t just buy the project and that’s it. 8 months on we onboard as many as physically possible. WVRPS keep coming out with new things for their community every single week. For example they teamed up with Perk Shop to offer their community monthly opportunities to win exclusive prizes from partners or even dinner on them. Only one other project has done this. They always said under promise and over deliver from back in January when it was mint day. They literally have done that and beyond for their community. They have given us creative opportunities, which then develop into the community working together to create new things. 

What I love about Warpsound community, is that no matter what or where we are, we always will support each other and the project. So much so we have our own Franklin is Bored with a large collection of WVRPS. His name is Captain Pete. 

     And it’s not just Pete who’s a beautiful soul in our community, we have many others including The Mayor, Beer Magician, etc. OGs that have been there from before Mint. 

The Warpsound community is not just about shilling the project everywhere  no we market WS), it’s about building everyone’s confidence within the Web 3 space. Many of us have gone on to release our own projects, or gone on to become mods on other projects. Some of us have even become advisors to projects because we have watched and learned how Warpsound has executed their community by building around us. As they say they are literally building in public. 

An example of how tight knit the community is, when NFT NYC happened back in June, WVRPS team gave us the opportunity to meet up at Times Square before the Party, to see our WVRPS up in lights. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of visiting the Big Apple, going to Times Square and just absorbing the atmosphere. The team brought that dream to life more than I could ever imagine. We stood on the steps with Terra, Anthony Dorment  and Jeff, watching and celebrating. It felt somewhat home. A home I’ve searched for all my life. There was peace within me. The party that evening was electric. Everyone was so happy to finally meet each other. We had the amazing Poolside, being our DJ. We had friends from the project stop by. We got to play with a new utility of WVRPS called WVRPSYNTH, which has since been upgraded and you can check it out on WVRPS Twitter.

That day proved this was not just another project. It was a family get together. One that will be etched in my mind for months and years to come. I really can’t wait to go to more Warpsound events. I also look forward to the future of Warpsound.

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