As some of you know – I launched a generative pfp project back in early September, 2021. There are 777 pieces and the cost is .04 ETH. It is still minting. This kind of blows my mind as I’ve seen   expensive projects from anons and questionable art blow up in hours and then get tossed  away and forgetten about.

My project

The Bald Jesus Drinking Club

The goals of the project are big but achievable.

  • The big (sell out) goal is to buy a piece of land on the Big Island of Hawaii which BJDC owners will be able to collectively decide what to do with. Land on the Big Island can be bought from $20,000.
  • To buy the land and eventually have ownership turned over to the BJDC DAO, we needed a legal entity which has been set up – The Bald Jesus Cult, LLC.

One aspect of this project is to use the laws around tax exempt religious organizations and also the idea that religious devotions can be written off on one’s taxes and that a future organization (Bald Jesus DAO)can accept donations and be tax exempt. What does that mean? It means that I want to make Bald Jesusism a religion in the legal sense – just as the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Church of the Sub-Genius, Dudeism (the Big Lebowski), and others have been granted legal religious status. To do that, there are requirements – that must be met. That process has been begun in a big way – I’ve written the ‘Holy Book’ The Holy Bjble (Bald Jesus Bible Living Edition) which outlines several things such as transacting on chain as religious duties – the idea here is that your gas fees can be written off as religious duties, among other things. I’ve created a ‘doctrine’ and a series of holidays and religious events.

Bald Jesusism itself is a huge thing – the first ‘religion’ born in the metaverse to blockchain natives. It is all with a purpose, however and it all begins with the BJDC.

Bald Jesus Drinking Club

777 total, .04 ETH/per

Use of Proceeds so far:

All funds have been used and all expenses have been paid. There is nothing owed or promised at this point. The funds generated so far (~5.5 ETH) have been used for the following:

1) Paying designers, website devs, solidity dev, python dev

2) Gas fees for deployment of contract, initial mints, promotions etc

2) Paying for promotion from influencers and marketers (large fail)

3) Creating Bald Jesus Cult, LLC in Hawai’i – a legal business structure to act as an umbrella organization until the tax exempt non-profit has been established

Use of Future Proceeds:

1) Setting up bank account in Hawai’i

2) Buying land on the Big Island

3) Paying legal counsel to set up and button down the religious non-profit structure



Why you should mint now:

  • BJDC is one of the first land buying projects to launch
  • BJDC is the first ‘religious’ organization to be crowdsourced and launched on chain
  • Be a part of creating the first religion in the metaverse
  • BJDC is pushing the boundaries of legal religious structures
  • Own a piece of a piece of land in Hawai’i and decide what to do with it
  • I’m doxxed, the project is clearly not a rug, and it’s not going to go away.

What has already been done?

  • All expenses for project have been paid.
  • Bald Jesus Cult, LLC formed in Hawai’i as a legal structure
  • Holy Bjble written (and dropped for free to all minters)
  • Several other Bald Jesus art works dropped to minters

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